Friends left me after i got schizophrenia!

I got schizophrenia in 1995 when i was 21, i always had lots of friends and a few girlfriends also, then schizophrenia hit me and i shattered and everyone left me, anyone relate?


I have no friends and I know well that I’m not loved anymore.
And I don’t care. I would rather live alone without friends and die without love.


Yeah, I’ve lost a few people for sure


friends do that, they also retrun when they need money too.


I’ve got a few pre-SZ friends and we’re close. The ones who fled when I hit bottom turned out not to be friends. No great loss.


I lost all my presz friends but made new less smart ones. My presz friends were from university and church. My current friends are less smart, no university degree. Only 3 talk to me now though since I stopped Abilify and my negative symptoms got worse. Only 1 talks to me daily after his full time work. That friend never take breaks from working The other 2 keep changing jobs and taking long breaks without work.

Some were Drs, some engineers and some accountants.

My best friend who left me bcz I insulted and attacked him while psychotic is a cardiologist. He was my best friend from 10 to 26y.o. I never had another friend lasting that long in my life.


I have one or two friends but I pushed them away for now. I hope that they will still want to talk to me in the future

I lost all my friends because of this illness.


yeah Wave then those weren’t real friends, i can relate


I lost friends too.

Some thought I was trash for not being educated and ambitious and for not working.

Others thought my behaviour was to wierd.

I missed them and tried keeping in contact but they didn’t want to be my friend.

They ignored me.
Didn’t return email etc

I don’t want friends who think so badly of me anyway and who look down at me thinking they are superior and I’m just sh it.

I have a old boyfriend who lives in Sweden who is my friend but he has no internet.
I call him few times a year.

I have another x who I adore but is short with me.

I don’t have friends as such otherwise.

I volunteer with some great chicks though.
I really dig them.

Hopefully I can have friends in the future.

I have a boyfriend though.


Since my diagnosis I became less upfront with most of my friendships. I didn’t tell anybody and I distanced myself when I felt unwell to the extent that I literally lost friends whilst I felt unwell because I didn’t get in touch. Hardest of all was recognising that people wouldn’t identify. I have a handful of friends now who are close and are mostly family and they all know my diagnosis and are very sympathetic when I’m wild or sane! I am middle aged and stable now though and very insightful.


I have a lot of close friends who thankfully stuck with me. In the military there’s rarely anything that’s taboo.


I told my last best friend to look up mk ultra and montauk project and he stopped hanging out with me. Whatever.

I only had 1 good friend that hung by me with my illness.

I also told him i support trump.

Its okay really. So i have zero friends now but am actually doing better.

He told me no one remembers me from college. I told him i thought something bad happened to me…

Oh well.

Im republican now. Used to be libertarian.

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I told him i thought or felt i was kidnapped in college around 2010-2011 which is why i got delusions and schizophrenia. Maybe it was montauk, secret space program because i keep ressurecting for infinity back in time or cloned. I think the illuminati got to me back in 2011 or just very powerful evil aliens. I believe this isnt my first life and its a computer generated program.

I remember the all seeing eye in my back yard and angrels but i thought it was real. Could have been NASA’s project bluebeam…

Not sure why i was targeted. I have theories. John titor. Satoshi nakamoto. Doubt it though.

I felt like jesus and my friends werr judas’s. I only trust blood relatives now. I dont trust people anymore.

People talk.


My experience agrees with @shutterbug .My real friends never left me. The others were too demanding anyway. When I was first hospitalized, I even got letters from a couple of friends.
To be honest, I think I left my friends before they left me. I had no social sensitivity. I was tired.


He visited me in mental hospital.

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I think SZ is tame amongst my friends, most of them are like welcome to the treehouse :partying_face:

Most people dont even care tbh they more worried about their own lives !