Is it me or my sister?

My sister almost never pick up her phone. Sometimes she is playing a game on her phone and someone calls her and she totally ignored the call cause she is in a game. Sometimes I want to see if she wants to go out for dinner with me and I call her, she never calls back. The other day her boyfriend was also complaining about her behavior and her response was “why can’t you assume I’m busy”.

I tried calling her two days ago and she wouldn’t return her phone calls so I texted her and complained and said maybe that’s why she is losing boyfriends.

Ever since she hasn’t gotten back to me and I’m so angry. Today is the Persian new year and usually family members have conversations on this day but she is still not picking up.

I think she is over reacting and being very childish. I don’t think what I told her was too much cause I would never get angry if someone had told me the same thing!

What do you guys think?

I can kind of relate to your sister’s frustration.

I don’t always have a lot of mental energy. I prefer people text if they want something, so I can reply when I feel able to.

If someone calls, it feels demanding, like they want me to answer immediately regardless of what I’m doing.
Although games may seem pointless to you, she could be playing them to calm down. And in that case, a call could feel like a stressful disruption.

“This is why you lose boyfriends” is an attacking statement. You’d get further by showing understanding, compassion, or asking if it would be easier on her if you text instead of call.

Beautiful and explanation. Thanks. I grew up with a bunch of friends that would tease each other all day. Maybe what I told her was too much but then if I don’t pick my sister’s calls and she says that’s why you lose girlfriends I really wouldn’t get offended specially if it was true.

But you are right, this is all about emotions not necessarily logic.

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My brother can be the same way sometimes.
Yes it’s very annoying

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