Is it fair to work with my father?

I told my father that I don’t want allowance anymore in order to put pressure on myself and make money. He said I can work at famiy business and keep the allowance. I kind don’t think this idea is nice because it seems I got a job without putting effort on myself. It’s weird. It’s kind like: I found a job that my daddy gave me.

He told me that, if I don’t want allowance, I just need to keep the money and don’t use it.

I have some bills to pay and my daddy’s money is hypnotizing me.

I think I won’t work for my daddy and just keep the allowance money. I won’t touch the allowance money. I won’t use it.

I was doing great until I had this conversation with my father. I think it’s very nice of him to keep the allowance, but I need to put pressure on myself. I never had progress without pressure.


Maybe use his assistance till you get comfortable and on your feet, then cut it off?

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No way! I probably need his assistance for basic stuff like shelter, water, food, clothes (I mean, cheap clothes, not nice clothes) and maybe transporation to college, but no way I should pay my bills with his money. The bills I have is due to entertainment and education, so I don’t think it’s fair to keep having his assistance.

I have already made money with my drawings. If it’s possible to make money with my drawings and graphic design, it’s possible not to depend on him.

I love my dad, but I don’t want to use his money. It’s a psychological stuff and it’s powerful.

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It’s not what gets your foot in the door that counts, it’s how you keep the door open after the fact. If you do a good job and add value to the enterprise, that’s what matters and I hope you can take pride in it.



I hear you. :ear::ear:good luck to you. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I would take the job and save. But first call him dad while there an maybe his first name around customers. You will fit in better. Imo

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Thank for your insight!

Wonderful! Thank you for your feedback!

I wish you luck whatever you decide. I’m someone who grew up without a father or even knowing who his father is. I think the father you have sounds like the kind I would have liked to have given the opportunity. The chance to work with someone like this seems like a blessing to me.

I still think my father will find it weird, but I would feel a lot more comfortable if I did that.

Thank you, @velociraptor! You’re remembering me that I should be grateful.


Ya I would tell your dad you would feel more comfortable to refer to him as that so you can fit in with other employees.

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I worked with him yesterday and kept calling him dad. I think it’s okay. No issue with that.


It’s good to have family help you out. No shame in that. Looks like you know your options, contribute some good time to each. Follow through if it feels right. Find the right fit.

Never say no to help!

You never know when you may need it and life can be cruel. Take what is offered. If you feel you need to work then work. If not sort it out so you live minimally.


Working with or for your dad is perfectly OK. As long as you pull your own weight and do a good job. There’s nothing morally or ethically wrong with it, happens all the time. If you take the job, my advice is to go in with a good attitude
Don’t act like a spoiled kid or like you’re special or superior; you don’t want to alienate you’re co-workers.
I’ve had a lot of jobs and I’ve seen this work before. A job is a job; that’s the main focus of working.
Life is tough and if something good happens to you like a job offer falling right into your lap like this, there’s nothing unfair about it or nothing to feel guilty about.


Our family business is fishing with our boat.
Fishing makes me anxious and I hear voices.
My father is always judgmental and he makes me nervous. This work could be fun, but it’s not

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I wish my Dad was still young enough to work. I could make some extra money off the books. He used to build fences. All cash business. He has gotten too old to do it now.

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I’m working for my dad and it’s working. Actually I contact my co-workers and I’m very grateful for having them as my partners. I just have to go to our business company once a week and the rest of the work I do at home. It may seem comfortable to do things at home, but actually I work more than as if I was in the job place.

Acting like a spoiled child doesn’t fit me. My first day I just had a conversation with a co-worker telling that I didn’t know what to do and being very honest and vulnerable. Just took action the next day to have things done. I still have to learn and handle some stuff, but it’s still doing great. I’m very positive that my work will work.

Working for me is about offering value no matter what. I don’t care if I’m working some hours more than usual since I have the work done.

Have you guys ever watched Gary Vee stuff? That guy is awesome! He’s straight to the point and values hard work. No stupidity and just the harsh truth.

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