Dad is really starting to irritate me

I’m looking for work and choosing places where I want to work and discluding places that I don’t like and he’s all trying to say the reasons I don’t want to work there are inevitably unavoidable. Like having to deal with customers. He says there is non sense anywhere regarding people. I don’t care, I don’t want to slave for obese mofukas with a chemical imbalance from eating bad food at the restaurant . I’d rather work with real people who will hold me accountable for doing the same work they do. Not work they watch me do. But for every reason I give my Dad not to work at a restaurant, he gives me 5 more to stoicize myself. I don’t wanna put up with bulkshit from people who don’t appreciate being waited on. Not that my Dad is impressed by that, he puts up with all the ■■■■■■■■ he gets himself into so he can complain about it later. ■■■■■■■ do something else then, don’t defeat yourself then complain about the situation to the people in it. I’m only here because I’m a welfare case. There is no reason he can’t go get his G.E.D. and get paid way more then he already does. There is no reasonhe can’t go divorce his wife that he never liked in the first place and used her to financially support him while he worked at a shitty job.

God cannot I’m trying my best not to be like him but his habits are being downloaded into my own. I’ve got to get away from him before I get his terrible taste for letting things get as ■■■■■■ up as they are .

@Apathy trust me, my dad is the same… he is set in his ways and I love him. you cannot agree with him… it’s normal.
fast food is not a big deal… I work out a lot and I eat fast food too. Doesn’t mean you’re supporting obesity. You need to figure out what’s best for you and do that and tell others that too. :v:

He shoots down my every reason for trying to enjoy my self. It has nothing to do with the obese people as that’s just another reason I bring up so I have a ammo to shoot with if the time comes. That’s what my Dad does too, but the thing is, he’s been doing it a lot longer so he is more adept at doing it. That doesn’t mean he is right all the time, it just means he is better at making excuses. I know, people call me out of my ■■■■■■■■ all the time when I do it.

how can you make this happen? It seems like your dad might not be the healthiest support system for you. Are you living with him? Are you dependent on him for any reason? Maybe you can move out/change legal dependencies/ find a way to give yourself space from him?

Best of luck, i feel you

Thank you @HQuinn. I’m financially dependent on him. And I can’t find a place without living with roommates or in the hood.

my condolences. This is truly a dilemma and I hope your situation somehow gets better!!
pizza makes things better, for me, anyways

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