Is it bad I'm proud I got my disability?

Is it bad I’m proud I finally got disability? It took so long for me to get it and it’ll keep me from being homeless again… I feel proud… I’m not sure if I should feel that or not… I’ve tried so hard to work with 11 jobs in 2 years… I feel like I’m rambling at this point…


Proud? That’s subjective. Just focus on recovering. Reviews will determine if you’re well enough to work.


Congratulations that you finally got it. I don’t think you should feel guilty as sz is a legitimate though misunderstood medical condition.

Personally, when I am depressed or have other symptoms I feel thankful to have SSDI but when I feel great and am out doing things I sometimes feel a little off about collecting SSDI tbh.



It’s no slight on you and well done on getting it. Sz is serious business and we should be more supportive of people with illness and disabilities.


@naturallycured okay

@ThePickinSkunk thanks… I have a few questions if you don’t mind since you receive SSDI…

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Thank you @rogueone I sometimes post on a website where no one knows who I am and I posted that I was proud I finally got my disability and got shamed for feeling that way… It kinda felt depressing I’ve tried to work and just can’t seem to be able to do it…

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Other’s don’t understand the problems we deal with daily. Work is beyond me as if I stress I get paranoid. Hard to be successful when your changing jobs or having tons of sick days. I like my life on disability. It’s not the worst.


@rogueone thank you… I also got a car and a boyfriend… I also got a piercing in each ear to try and control my migraines Friday…

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Sure. Ask away. If I don’t answer tonight I’ll get back to you later or sometime in the afternoon.


@ThePickinSkunk okay and thank you… Do you receive both SSI and SSDI? If you only have SSDI do you have a PASS… or is it PASSE? I’m scared I’ll lose my PASS since I’m no longer getting SSI

I was proud of working hard to fill out my disability booklet. It’s long process waiting too and then going for an assessment where they judge you for all kinds of potentially inappropriate things so yea I was proud of myself for going through all that!


Getting disability is a long, hard process. I’m not sure I’d say I was “proud” to get it, but I was happy. And some of us with schizophrenia need it to get by.


I only receive SSDI and I’ve never had PASS.

Hope it helps you. 11 jobs in two years shows you tried very hard. I worked for five years after diagnosis and had a heck of a time. I had to go before an administrative law judge to get mine. Under review now after seven years so I’ll see how that goes. Good luck to you.


It is hard work to get it so yes you should be very proud! I tried to work a part time job since getting it and had to quit due to stress. Not going to try to work anymore as stress always takes me out. I like my life on disability but work very hard around the house and garden to stay busy. That helps me stay sane and it is nice to get my small share each month to help my husband out

I am proud of you that you got disability…I can’t work and have tried many times…no more homelessness for you my friend !! yayyyy…

i was well pleased when i got disability…i went with no income for 6/7 years

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