Self worth while trying disability

Someone close to me said when I was insecure and asked if proud of me that what do have to be proud of you about your not working. I’ve been trying for disability since 2016. Not too brag but I’m proud myself I’m 35 and worked hard to control my mental health( personality disorder , schzioaffective among others) for years often while working multiple jobs and only being hospilized three times. I wasn’t on medications until 2016 and was suicidal with no family and friend support in 2012 after left army (I was promoted and left honorable discharge early) .

I have been celibate years being with one man in eleven years although didn’t last long and was rumors was best relationship of lifeafter being viewed as being so wild,became sober,have maintained looks and weight through depression,mental health breaks,no kids ,managed a gas station,graduated college deans list,had my student loans paid off,
help out around house and with bills with little money I get and it’s never enough.
I also help babysit partime although for free

Sorry if hard read,not best grammar or hard to understand.

Do think capable being proud of someone that’s not working becau

Do think capable of being proud of someone not working for past,current,future accomplishments?

Am I being childish in views?

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What was your MOS? :turtle::turtle::turtle:

89 Bravo it was like 1671 back then e2 starting out after training . I had 4 year contract 2 years reserves. I did eight months . What’s turtle mean?

I try be graceful and sometimes have my moments venting on Facebook sticking up for myself which I’ll delete afterwards. I use to not say Anything but with the last relationship I had there was drama and lies with one girl and some people afterwards feel need stick up myself vent. I try always be bigger person, apologize and try look other side and be nice even when insulted and prove them wrong.

I mainly vent in my head and try be gracious even when people call me names,judge,cuss me but I have my moments where get tired feeling not not able speak without being jumped on so I vent stick up fact I have first amendment rights. I’m trying balance fact of previous not saying anything defend myself to currently taking moments fight rights,self worth,happiness etc without trying be crazy or mean

That’s so long and rambling

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@GrayBear is asking you what was your job title in the Army, @Wahoos46 ?

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That’s what I tryed telling him . Sorry. 89 Bravo means ammunition specialist . I was originally suppose to be motor transport operator but they can work together

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The turtles mean nothing. I always end my posts with 3 random emojis. :bear::bear::bear:


Sounds interesting. Did you like it? :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

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All I can suggest is, since you know all your accomplishments be proud of yourself, rather than allowing these limited, uninformed views of others’ bring you down

You should be very proud of yourself

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