Is it a delusion if you dont actually believe it

I have had some delusions when I first became psychotic mainly about thinking the voices were actual people and sometimes thinking people are out to get me but those delusions I stopped believing before I even got on meds like I don’t actually have any delusions because I don’t believe any of them are actually real and the voices don’t even claim to be the people who they sound like anymore it is weird like some people diagnosed with sz or something related have never had hallucinations before in there life but they have a lot of delusions and paranoia and ■■■■

I don’t consider it a delusion unless I fully, firmly believe it. No one can reason with me and talk me out of believing it.


It’s called having insight into a delusion. Everyone on here has some insight into their illness or they wouldn’t be on here.

Insight is when you really feel something is true like emotionally but the logical side of your brain knows you have a mental illness and tells you it’s probably just a delusion. So you’re kind of in a weird belief/disbelief limbo which is why people always ask on here if it’s a delusion. It helps to get reality checks from other people to support the logical brain.

The majority of people with psychosis don’t start out with insight, they develop it over time as they receive treatment and education about their illness. If you’re very unwell you may lose it during episodes and those who are severely ill/refuse treatment may never gain insight at all. It’s sad because I don’t believe someone can truly recover until they have insight into their illness.