Is ISIS really in the wrong?

From what I’ve read, they are retaliating from USAs first attacks of their innocents

There’s no virgin blood to be spilled these days

ISIS started in Syria I believe (at least it had the most success in Syria early on) - so I believe it was more of a reaction to Syria’s dictatorship - but I’m sure different people within ISIS have different motivators, and now that they are all over Syria and Iraq - I’m sure some of them are because of the US’s involvement in Iraq and problems we caused there.

They’ve had some legitimate complaints in the past I’m sure - but now they are so out of control that the are potentially harmful to everyone in the “West” - so they have to be stopped.


Dumb question of the year. Ask those who have been beheaded and burned alive.


no country or organisation is free of sin…
but when innocent people are persecuted and put to death because of their sexuality…or a belief contrary to others…
and in a inhumane way such as they do.
then morally as human beings we have to condemn them. :man: :woman:
take care :alien:

I know i say dumb things sometime forgive me