Is it our fault there are terrorists?

idk, did we do something wrong?

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No most people want to make the most of being on the planet and make the most of our lives
What they are doing doesn’t make sense and is pointless

if it doesnt make sense then why are they doing it?

Lord knows
I understand not
It is scary

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i just want to know why they are doing it

Apparently they want to rule the world

In the historical context, this situation arose a long time ago. It’s been a bloody era as far as the middle east is concerned… It’s a war now, in my opinion just because someone needs to sell weapons and there is a lot of oil in that particular area of the globe. There’s no actual reason for this to be happening. The western governments are not dealing well with the situation and racism and ignorance are prevailling. It’s not a religious fight, not all muslims are terrorrists as not all christians are the kkk.

Theres a great video that explains it from way back when, but it’s in spanish.

I will leave this one here to explain the Syria situation:

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This is all too complicated for me
I don’t understand why life has to be that complex

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why do we have to suffer because of them?

If you don’t believe what they believe they shoot you
I always thought people entitled to individual beliefs

There are a lot of people suffering. Who are these we you talk about?

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everyone affected by terrorism

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Yeah, you’re right… It’s horrible.

idk why they are doing it

Its complicated. Some don’t have a reason.

i need to know the truth, i want to understand

Well, I don’t know. Historically speaking, has to do with conquering the territories. But these aren’t attacks that do that, so it seems they just want to hurt and let us live in fear.

why would they do that :confused:

It’s war… why do people want to hurt one another? doens’t make sense

A lot of this goes back to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. The CIA, in all its brilliance, decided to arm the mujahideen - those resisting the Soviets. Those mujahideens were successfully armed and prevented the Soviet capture of Afghanistan. Those well-armed mujahideens grew into what we now know to be al Qaeda. I think we know the story from there. The Iranian Revolution in 1979 also did nothing to help the Western countries’ image.

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