Thoughts on Russian Air Strikes in Syria?

Can someone give me the run down of what’s been going on? Why is the U.S. Supporting the rebels? Why is Russia attacking the rebels? Will Russia defeat ISIS? Will this lead to WW3? Thanks.

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Putin is seeing just how much he can get away with. No one stopped him in the Ukraine. No one is stopping him in Syria. I think he just wants to see how far he can go before someone actually fights back.


I really dont have the answers, all I know is that the world seems to be falling apart

We’ve become weak.

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I don’t really know who to believe anymore since the real battle seems to be one of propaganda slinging at it’s worst.

Its unfortunate - but I just hope the Syrian people can at some point live free and safe lives.

If I want to follow world news - I usually find the BBC to be the best coverage:

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I have considered the BBC’s news as my home page because it is unlike a lot of other news programming that is just too biased to be serving the best interests of the general population. There is one really good un-biased news station over here in the US called the PBS for Public Broadcasting Service, however I really understand the political bias more that has been going on in these programs, so it really doesn’t bother me too much anymore. Voting polls don’t generally sway my vote anymore either, because of course I think that they are biased for the very good reason that people will go with a winner and just go with the “supposed” crowd.

I agree with cj, let’s see the rest of the world’s reaction.

Let’s hope this ends quickly for Syria to get rebuilt.

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War is stupid and people don’t needs it.

Human beings are perfectly capable of setting up peace.

■■■■ this ■■■■.


I have no opinion, but I hope all these events in Syria and Iraq keep all these problems in that area of the world and my part of the world remains peaceful.

Make love, no war …

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Basically ISIS is US created agency.

Assad is a huge human killer and probably one of the biggest ■■■■■■■ on this planet (apart from PM of my country).

So basically what you have is 2 terrorists fighting each other and you have US and Russia both supplying arms and sending their aircrafts to shoot down people.

The only people who are getting disabled and killed are Syrian population (1 million dead and counting)…

Whats happening is that you have a Defence industry of US and Russia that needs to be funded each year ---- they have to kill someone and if they find noone - they create Conflicts like here in Syria to keep them going. Basically kill someone else your stomach is not filled. Just like humans need food to survive, Humans also need to kill someone to survive.

Read answer 1.

Read answer 1 (same applies to Russia)

No this is just a small game played by superpowers.

The real game changer will be China. That is a conflict nobody will be able to avoid. That WW3 will happen in the next decade.

I do not believe that ISIS is the US created group, why does soldiers are sent from my country to train troops in Iraq to fight against ISIS under the leadership of the US troops.

I have never understood the religious fundamentalism.

Yes, real victims are people in Syria and Iraq which shows in the major refugee crisis in Europe which impacts all the way up in Northern Europe. Syria’s civil war has continued too long and there is no end coming in short term.

I believe there is no WW3 coming, so many countries and people are against ISIS.

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I believe US and Russia need to renew their arsenal of weapons, its a big industry and it needs to be used in their perspective. I also don’t believe ISIS was created by the US, but is a consequence of the US actions in the area


ISIS and all terrorist groups operating in the Middle East are CIA and US funded/trained/weapons supplied/Intellectual group provided.

The Muslims do not have the brains to come up with revolutions whatsoever.

Basically USA needs Israel and these terrorist groups (Like ISIS) primarily:

a. To keep their war machine going .
b. To maintain influence in the Middle east and to prop up Israel as the only power - reasons being OIL in middleeast and Jewish lobby.

They carry MI16 Machine guns of the USA Army (read and US made Tanks (made in USA).

Weapons are supplied to them by CIA.

That’s just way out there. Heard of the Arab Spring?

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