Is clozapine better at treating negative symptoms?

Just out of curiosity i read somewhere that clozapine is the only antipsychotic fhat works on glutamine. Is this the best antipsychotic for negative symptoms so far?

It’s probably the same as most drugs even if they do say it’s better. Clozapine can cause massive weight gain I’ve heard.

There are two types of negative symptoms: primary and secondary. Secondary symptoms are caused by antipsychotics themselves. In this regard I would say the best medicine is Abilify, maybe on par with Clozapine. But no medicine can treat primary negative symptoms so far…

What are those secondary symptoms? Can you explain to me please?

Primary and secondary negative symtoms look a lot like each other. They can include apathy, lack of motivation, lack of pleasure in everyday activities. The difference is that secondary symptoms are caused by medication and thus they respond to treatment aka change in medication, whereas the primary symptoms are caused by the illness and don’t respond to currently available treatments.

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Im on 775mg of clozapine and it hasn’t affected my weight any more than other anti p’s. Also negative aren’t as bad.

When ı was clozapine i gained 25 kilo.

@seriouslydisturbed. I gained 100 lbs on clozaril. I’m like 258 now.