Clozapine for severe NEGATIVE symptoms?

Did anybody try Clozapine for NEGATIVE symptoms? My son has been taking Abilify and Wellbutrin for several months and it does not help at all. He is thinking of adding Clozapine… He has no motivation whatsoever… We are in Canada and neither Vraylar nor Amisulpride are available here… Please provide feedback, we are desperate!!!

I hope people will respond to your question. Also, You might try reviewing past discussions on negative symptoms:

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Thank you! I will read this now!

I’ve been going through negative symptoms brought on by the meds. Was thinking of asking for seroquel for it as its supposed to relax you. Hope that helps.

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I have taken Clozapine for several years for my negative symptoms and have felt that it helped me a lot. Helped me go to sleep at night and reduce my psychosis and anxiety. But there are monthly blood tests that one has to take to be prescribed this medication. Hope this helps you.


I haven’t tried clozapine, but my psychiatrist said that it MAYBE helps for negative symptoms (although I’ve read that it lowers your immune system). Maybe stimulants would help. I take Concerta and Ritalin (for ADD). They help somewhat.