Is closing the curtains in your house a sign of paranoia?

I feel like I need to gather some input regarding this. I usually prefer keeping the curtains in my house closed for fear of someone spying on me. Is this something to worry about as I feel this is kind of similar to paranoid thinking or is this okay and something normal people do too?

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I keep them open so I can keep an eye on my neighbors and what they are doing. :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:

Keep all our curtains closed all the time, we don’t want any of the church goers peering in after we caught some after we moved in and I had a pentacle on the front window for Beltane. These little old ladies actually came up to the living room picture window and tried to look in. We had black semi sheer curtains at the time, now we have blackouts on all windows. No sunlight in unless we purposely pull them open.

We had lived near a lot of sex offenders in SD back years ago cause the state has no laws on where they can’t live, so there were 34 convicted and registered offenders in a town of maybe 400 700 counting outer parts ranches. The school was 4 blocks from us, so no chances, we put silver aluminum bubble wrap type material on windows and blackout curtains there too. That was done before we moved in with my grandparents back in 1997 when they moved there and I was 12ish/13 and my sisters were 9 and 5 we visited whole summers.

Its normal to close them at night for privacy.
I keep them open during the day for the sun and too see what’s happening outside like if I got mail, if I have a visitor etc

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