Is cannabidiol an effective treatment for schizophrenia? (not likely)


We extracted data from the systematic reviews, reanalyzed data from primary studies, conducted a meta-analysis and generated a summary of findings table using the GRADE approach. We concluded cannabidiol probably does not improve symptoms in schizophrenia and leads to frequent side effects.

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Yes it might be true …!!!

It says that it isnt effective and has side effects lol

is cannabidiol the same thing as CBD oil that everyone keeps talking about vaping? From marijuana? Because this says it doesn’t work.

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Yeap. First time I’ve heard this being said about CBD. Really weird. Nota: cbd oil is usually “contaminated” with low-dose thc outside of clinical trials.


We extracted data from the systematic reviews, reanalyzed data from primary studies, conducted a meta-analysis and generated a summary of findings table using the GRADE approach. We concluded cannabidiol probably does not improve symptoms in schizophrenia and leads to frequent side effects.

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Cmon echo pharma !

Yeh CBD was just Internet fad. If it really did work it would be prescribed already.

What a let down. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure that a lot of the CBD advocates were more interested in the THC.

Yeh it was marijuana heads trying to get cannabis legalised. It really made sense though, CBD being the opposite to thc, but sadly it’s not like that at all.

Whenever I take cbd oil I am so nervous that I couldn’t see myself taking it forever.

I wouldn’t expect CBD to do much for psychotic symptoms but it can be helpful. This has been my experience:

I use a topical CBD ointment that is geared for pain relief. I have pain from extrapyramidal symptoms and I do get some benefit. It will help calm the spasms and can help with severe pain. I use it occasionally (once a week or so) and it helps when things flare up. I am very sensitive to drugs and I found this to be quite potent when I first used it and so I put it on before bed. I want to try an oral version at some point and see if I find any benefit.

CBD can have a calming effect and it can help relax a racing mind so I think it could help ease active symptoms here and there but it isn’t going to work miracles. I don’t have many noticeable side effects, occasionally drowsiness the next day (if I used a more than I needed) and some dry mouth. Something that is very important to note is that while there aren’t that many side effects it is metabolized through the same channels as many psych drugs. I started to notice that I was very anxious and depressed the days after I used while also feeling better in terms of muscle tension and pain. It turns out that the CBD was screwing with my SSRI and I was having SSRI withdrawal symptoms. In my case I was able to switch the timing and not use them together and I’ve been fine since.


Hey, I was wondering what your thoughts were on this article. I’ve been doing a lot of research into the potential use of cannabidiol for treating schizophrenia and came across this supposed clinical trial out of the UK.

I’ve searched through almost every thread on this particular subject on this website and find it curious that no one has posted this specific article as it seems to be the most promising collection of data on the subject thus far yet it was released 2 years ago. If anyone else has any other thoughts on the feasibility of this trial, I’d definitely like to hear it.


Article is lil bit old…i think gw pharmacuticals has halted the research of cannabidiol for sz …!!! Its no more a experiment…

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Not true. They are in phase 2.

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@far_cry0 is right, i wrote them about a year and a half ago and they said if they advance it, it will be for pediatric purpose. Unless they have changed there mind they wont be taking this any further.

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It does wonders for my symptoms. But an anecdote will never hold a candle to funded research, unfortunately. I recommend pure CBD to anyone suffering from this type of illness.

First of all I would be leery of what “they” say, and I would be leery of why “they” would say something in the first place. Always consider the source of the information. There’s no need to be specific here. This is just a good rule of thumb.

I tried CBD, and the problem is that it is expensive. Per unit it is worth more than gold…a lot more. The reason is because of the expense to extract it the last I knew about it, but they were advancing things quickly in 2014, so they may be much further along. I do not know right now.

In my experience it was a reliever in that it gave me a clarity, but in my estimation I would need a 5,000ml per day rather than a 20 ml per day. I ordered it off of amazon.

My PTSD is not so bad now, but it used to be much, much worse, and I tried using the THC medical pot for a while. Basically I would just take a lung shot before going to bed. I was working all of the time eye open to eye shut, and I couldn’t afford to be doing this stuff for recreation. Then the smell was to much of a hassle and burning it was too much of a hassle, so I stopped. I would just by a bag of the candies, and take a little nibble of one before bed, so I could get up on time.

Basically if I could knock myself out at night in good time, I could not work on projects I was working on in time in the morning. There was no way around it, and this stuff was the most organic and harmless way I could possibly do it.

Well, eventually my short term memory was wearing me down noticeably. It was affecting my projects which were all intellectual. I eventually just stopped taking the nightly nibble, and I was okay. I don’t have a problem with sleep or my PTSD/SCZ like I did only about a year or two ago.


If you do not know how your brain works, and you suffer from a mental disorder, I do not recommend using THC for anything. THC is a psychotic drug which induces psychosis. CBD on the other hand is an anti-psychotic drug which cancels psychosis. If you were to ingest CBD, and then ingest THC, you would not feel the THC, and if you ingest THC first, and then ingest CBD, you would not feel the effects of the CBD. The reason is because there are cannabinoid receptors in the brain, and when they are filled with a cannabinoid, then other cannabinoids cannot enter them.

If you are psychotic, the CBD can relieve that…to a degree even with a little bit for a moment. It is too expensive to be a very effective course of action, and insurances will not cover it. It’s just impossible to get in sufficient quantities for cheap.

But like I was saying if you do not know your brain and how it works logically like a factory with information going in, and states of mind resulting, then inducing psychosis on your brain is not a good idea. You are already psychotic, so going further will not help. Instead you need to learn about logic and how logic works in the brain with information as its fuel. I don’t mean mechanically. I mean in terms of your mental experience. To further that self education, I suggest that you go to youtube and google, and you start to research the Trivium.

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Don’t vape. The chemicals in the vapes cause something called “popcorn lung.” You should look it up. It’s basically death to the lungs.