CBD and its effects

Have just ordered CBD capsules online. I will be trying it out and will report back what effects it has. I’m doubting it will be an all out cure for my schizophrenia but I will be taking it to see it’s effects on negative symptoms of schizophrenia and/or other effects. https://cbdbrothers.com/product/cbd-capsules/


plz update…!!!


I will be mainly looking at its effects on weight gain/loss and motivation/concentration… It arrives tomorrow so will write on initial reports then.


Most certainly will!


It’s awfully easy to rip someone off on the internet. Make sure you get a reputable dealer.


Very easily. Luckily I done my research before hand. The company is called CBD Brothers.

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I always wanted it but always short of money. The thing is someone said we need 500 mg dose.

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Yes, it is very very expensive, especially at the doses reported to totally eliminate schizophrenic symptoms. It takes on average 400mg daily to do that, whereas I will only be taking 50mg to 100mg daily. The goal of this will not be to totally stop schizophrenic symptoms but to gauge effects on negative symptoms of schizophrenia and also to see if it stops weight gain.

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Okay. I’ve tried the CBD for a few days now. The effects have been very subtle but effective. It has a very relaxing feeling, very subduing. Anti-anxiety properties. I have a feeling it may reduce how effective my traditional anti-pyshotic works, but only time will tell with that. It also makes it a little bit better to focus and concentrate. In other words, it is a good supplement for negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

Here is the crunch though. I’m actually trying another CB2 receptor medication, which is just good 'ol cloves. I’ve only just tried it now. It has seemed to make me quite drowsy and my mind is alot quiter with the clove than just CBD by itself. I will report back on the reaction of CBD with clove and other supplements in the next few coming days. Thanks for reading.


Yeah, from what I’ve read, one study had 200mg taken 4 times a day. the GWPharma trial at the moment is trialling 500mg twice a day. A whole gram of CBD. Very bloody expensive.

I want to try lower amounts of CBD with other cannabinoid receptor agonists. See if I can potentiate or prolong CBD with other supplements, thus keeping the amount of CBD needed to be taken down…

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Does it come with side effects like other anti psychotics ?

From the clinical trials, I’ve read that the higher doses can cause side effects. Possibly not as many as a traditional anti-psychotic. I’ve been trying CBD with Clove, which share a receptor on the CB2 neuron. It certainly has a strange effect taking CBD with Clove. It seems to make me alot more drowsy and feel heavy bodied.

I’m waiting to try out some Kanna with the CBD has I have read it can potentiate the effect of cannabis. Hopefully it will reduce the amount needed for the amount of CBD I take, as well as have other beneficial properties. With Kanna, I’m hoping to only need 300mg a day. I will report back my findings…

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Ah ha! Alright, it’s been a week on CBD and I can tell you this. The first few days I started realising that my face seemed slimmer and also my stomach seemed slimmer too. Even though I was slimmer physically, the scale didn’t budge at all. Fast forward to today, a week from when I started CBD and I have lost 5 lbs! I haven’t changed my diet, although I have eaten a slight bit healthier. I’m very surprised by the results and very happy.

I know a lot of people may have tried CBD in the past and had so-so results but I think the problem may have been in the brand they have bought. You see, the problem is a over-whelming amount of CBD oil peddlers are actually hemp oil. Hemp oil usually only has a CBD amount of 5. This is a negligible amount. Also, they differ from a cannabis extract which has minimal THC and many other synergetic compounds not present in hemp. The CBD oil I am taking and also the one on clinical trial with GWPharma is actually nearer to 16% compared to hemp oil’s 3-5%. Hence why there is minimal results with people who have taken previous CBD oils.

A reputable company is CBD brothers, mainly because they derive the CBD from an actually cannabis sativa rather than hemp. Please, can others try CBD brothers and let me know results. Would be good to get a good thing going here.


question, are you still taking antipsychotics with the CBD?

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To be honest, the first few days I continued to take 100mg of amisulpride per day. The lose of body fat, not body weight, still happened while on antipsychotics.

The thing is, I haven’t taken medication in the last 2 days. It usually takes 3-5 days for psychotic symptoms to surface. There have been a few tonight, my 2nd day of no anti-psychotic, but that may have been because I have been taking clove with the CBD which is known to have an interaction. However, when I have taken 50mg the voices usually simmer down quite a bit. 50mg is usually effective for psychotic symptoms for about, 3-4 hours. After that, they start slightly start coming back, until I take my next dose.

The clinical trial which initiated the CBD anti-psychotic drive actually used 200mg every 4 hours and it was highly effective in that study. I’m hoping I can take 100mg of CBD every 4-5 hours for a total of 400mg a day. It will be expensive at a cost of £200 per month. I can just about afford it.

The thing about CBD studies at the moment, is that they have not really established at the moment, a typical amount which has anti-pyschotic effects. Some studies have said 600mg a day total while GWPharma are trialling 500mg twice a day for a 1g total.

I hope to be able to take a minimal amount to subdue my psychotic symptoms, which hopefully, will be 400mg total a day. Wish me luck!

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yes definitely, good luck! It sounds like you might be on to something there.
Im a big proponent of cannabis based medicines although I can no longer tolerate THC I feel like CBD holds a lot of promise for the future. I took a look at the cannabis brothers web site and it looked legit. Its clearly from the UK and I live in the US but I wonder if they have higher standards over there or maybe just less scammers in the market than we do here with all this new legalization happening. Either way ill consider ordering some once I can figure out the currency exchange. The dosage that you are taking is high like its supposed to be, does it get anywhere near what GW pharm standards? I had trouble understanding your dosing requirements. Anyway the fact that its aiding in weight loss is a nice added benefit worth exploring even if the CBD doesn’t keep all the psychotic symptoms at bey.

ok so I just re read your post and I think I see what you’re doing with the dose.
I guess its whatever works the best just like the doctors do with our meds. The lowest effective dose possible usually. I hope you have some success with it. That would be great if we could replace atypicals with CBD. How goes things with clinical trials over at GW Pharma? have you heard any news on their progress?

Yeh keep us updated, thanks

Okay, it’s been four days off all medication. Yesterday was a bit of a bad day, mainly because I ran out of CBD but it was only one day. Even without the CBD for one day, the symptoms were very low, considering I had no medication for three days. The funny thing is, I would usually be stark raving mad by three days but nope, minimal symptoms.

There are still symptoms but they are very minimal and I consider them a blessing since I am taking Omega 3 oil as well, in order to re-wire my brain and get it in optimal condition. CBD at the moment, is taking care of about 88% of my symptoms. Which is incredible considering the amount of CBD I am taking each and every day. At least half of what has been studied before.

I react well to medication and usually don’t need a lot, so that may be why I am responding so well to minimal CBD. I also think it takes 3 days for it to start working effectively but I would like to know if it works in a similar way to anti-psychotics in that it needs a few weeks to fully work. Time will tell!

I’m losing weight and my mental faculties are also coming back. It’s actually kinda scary having the ability to think, be witty, lose weight, and focus and concentrate on things.

In other words, at the moment, it’s a great success.

Wow very cool.

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