Is art therapy any good?

I can’t do CBT right now because the thought processing triggers me. What about art therapy? Is that more suitable for someone like me?

Doing anything you like is good therapy, calm’s your nerves and you focus on something good rather than doom and gloom


I did art therapy, and found it useful. So long as I didn’t have to talk about the art afterwards with the art therapist. Talking about the art afterwards is helpful for others though.

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I’m worried talking about it might make me uncomfortable. I guess it varies from person to person.

You can just say that you don’t want to talk about it ( after you’ve tried talking about it first) if you don’t feel talking about it is helping.

I tried both, and preferred not talking about it.

But I enjoyed art therapy, and found it helpful.

I found it quite peaceful when we did it in PHP. It’s good for expression and dealing with complex emotions and situations.

I do art therapy. It works wonders. My art medium is music. I practice and play piano for my own enjoyment. I rarely perform. I play for an hour every day for five days a week. I take lessons for an hour a week also.
I also compose music. I write light contemporary, classical piano pieces and record, produce and distribute my own music through my own music label.

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