Vegan ? Anyone

Anyone vegan ? I am wondering if I can loose weight on antipsychotics going vegan


I think @chordy is or was vegan.

Maybe @SacredNeigh7?

Hopefully either or both can weigh in (no pun intended). :grin:


I used to be a vegan. It’s a tough diet to follow. Lots of things have milk in them or even gelatin.

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I am a vegan.

I actually put weight on when I became vegan which is unusual because usually you lose weight.

I am a vegan for the animals n environment.

I am so happy and proud to be a vegan.

My dog is not a vegan but I am.

I’m not super strict such as I still wear leather and wool that I had from before or bought at second hand.


I still eat vegan cake,vegan hamburgers,vegan ice cream etc

It’s a great diet that I recommend but make sure you atleast take b12 supplements.

My blood tests showed I have no deficiency but I take supplements daily.


That’s interesting so you gained weight

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Yes but only because I ate more and exercise four times a week at gym plus walks three times a day a week …lift weights pump etc

Most people lose weight but I love my food and started eating more as I was exercising more.

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I’m a vegan and went from 160 pounds to 109. Also exercised. I’m not terribly strict about it as I use foods that have traces of milk and eggs like bread and pasta.


That’s nice that you lost so much weight

Yes, and no restrictions excepting the veganism. No deprivation.

So you ate bread and pasta ?

My sister is vegan. So much so that for Xmas i got her a mug that says “Vegan af”


Yes. 51151515155

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honestly idk why but ive never had a problem with weight on abilify. im vegan as well


I found that another way to keep the weight down is to develop an interest in my ass. What goes in must come out and I take a lot of pride in my high functioning colon.


Only been Vegan for a half year. But lost like eight kilograms in that time. But thats because I’ve counted calories, could easily gained that much instead. Crisps are to tasty!


I was vegan for 8 years… I was obese


I ethically would love to be vegan. I tried to be a vegetarian and eat very little dairy and eggs, but not strict veganism…but i didnt feel good. I got more depressed and anxious i think. I also didnt supplement consistently (b12) or watch my food intake closely, so i was probably missing all sorts of things. Sometimes i play with the thought of trying again…but only when my life is real stable (and me as well).


Omg, leave me alone.

You vegan communists.



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I think Karl is a vegan too but I have not seen him post for a while.
Hope he is well.

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