For those who treated with community treatment order

İ just have one question.during your compusory treatment does laws allowed you to choose a hospital or nurse(who make your injection) for request or you have to treated with health team that choosed by authorities?

I was locked up for 2 weeks then again for another 2 weeks about a month later against my will, this was about 2-3 years ago. I had the option of getting a public advocate to fight it, and to fight the meds they wanted to put me on, but I decided to just submit and stay in the psych ward until they released me. I didn’t go on the clozapine they wanted to put me on though, but I did end up with a med change after they released me, they put me on Latuda and that has worked out great.

I didn’t like the first pdoc they gave me and I ended up with a different one. As for the nurses, they were all pretty cool for the most part. I didn’t have a choice of hospital, there is only one nearby.

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Thanks for reply.actually hospital is not necesaryly important but some nurses is in turkey really bad practitioner and shot injections very wrong and i m worried about nerve damage because of that.thats why i want to choose a nurse who i trust.does laws allow me to choose a nurse who i want ?

I refused injections of any kind. I told them I will take pills only. I don’t know the rules and laws in Turkey, sorry.

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Np.thank you for your kind reply.

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