This might be a silly question

So I’m on a court order that includes medication compliance along with injectables. One of the medications I’m on is lithium. Now, I despise being on this med. For me, it’s no good. So if I were to refuse getting blood work done, would they have to take me off the lithium, as getting blood work isn’t part of the order?

I’m probably being immature, right? I’m not thinking this through? But I’m desperate! I had a med review today, and they wouldn’t take me off of this damn med! I’m thoroughly pipped! What do I do?

I’m sure part of the agreement is to take the blood work as part of the steps of taking the drug. But I see no reason why you can’t try another mood stabilizer/anti-psychotic as a replacement to lithium. It seems unfair to restrict you to a med that’s not effecting you right/ is causing side-effects.

may i ask what the court order is for?

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Thank you, I wish my doctor had the sense that you have. I’m on three mood stabilizers, and they still won’t take me off lithium (!). Anyways, you’re probably correct that the blood work is part of the order. I’ll probably get escorted to get labs done by the cops if I refuse. Big sigh. What a let down. I have a horrible doctor.

Thanks for the input. Take care.

Sure, It’s because I have a history of non-compliance with medications. But as the orders expire, they keep renewing and renewing them, so essentially I’m on an order for something that I did three years ago. The system is a bit out of whack.

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It sounds as if you would still have a legal obligation to take the lithium even if the blood work was stopped. The blood work ensure that the level of lithium in your blood isnt too high, which can be deadly, but is high enough to be effective. But you should probably check with a lawyer about this if it’s really important to you.

Btw, what happens if you quit taking your meds and they find out? Do they force you in prison or a ward?

Thank you for the words,

I have just sent a message to my attorney, I hope he gets back with me, unlike the last two times that he ignored me. Those pesky court appointed attorneys!

Well right now I have workers bring me the meds and watch me take them. Then they stay for 15 minutes, and I really want them to leave, but they stay and talk a bunch of gibb-jabb. But if I don’t let them into my house and refuse to take the meds, they call my case manager who calls the cops, and yep, they bring you to the ward. Kind of a harsh punishment. Guess it scares you into taking your meds though.

Better get the lab work done. :frowning:

Take care.

Lithium? And you are court orderd into it? …take your meds .

If you were examined by a self respecting d oc in the first world then they prolly know what they are talking about.

Don’t forget that YOU not them has proven unstable.

I’ve heard that the dose required for lithium to be effective is very close to the dose for it to be toxic. You’re supposed to drink a lot of water when you take lithium. Maybe if you can’t get them to take you off it, maybe you can get them to reduce your dose.

whats wrong with you? is it working? i’d ask your pdoc about these things, they know best and i am sure everyone has only your best interests ay heart.