How are you? (Diagnosed, Medications, where to put this?

i have a problem with getting the injection, i get it because i’m on an order, but it’s like a silly mindgame, and i can’t get over it, they laugh at me because i have to take it, and they know i don’t like the control that they have over this. It’s just medicine that has little side effects, but i can’t override the system… (malfunction!!!)

Court is in two days, going to stand up for myself, but feeling weakhearted in any efforts.

How are you friends?

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I don’t know how you do it. You sound really brave to me. Keep doing what you know is right for your well being. Stay well.

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Thank you kindly, you make a good point there, thanks. :smile: i’ve been getting the medicine since 2012.

Take care :cactus:

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I was on court orders injection too… you know what? When I began voluntary treatment it wasn’t so bad. Once the court said I didn’t have to take them, I knew I had to keep taking them.

They’re not so bad and keep us sane.


That’s a lot of insight. Thank you for your post.

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