Is anyone else here anti social?

Yes, I’m that way too, but I don’t think the right word for it is “anti social”. “Anti” means you’re willing to hurt someone. I think a better term would be “a social”, because people like us have less of a need to socialize than most people. The people around me are making me hate them, though. They all expect me to buy them $200,000.00 houses, no less. They also want me to provide them with enough money to live well for the rest of their lives. They have no justification for these expectations other than “they want it”.

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Yes I’m very much asocial and socially avoidant.
Although I prefer the term antisocial.

Most people annoy me and get on my nerves.

Also I feel anxious and paranoid around people.

I spend all of my time with my very old father but that’s because he lives with me.

And there are times especially when I unravel that I don’t feel safe around him.

As I’m getting older, I’m becoming more antisocial.

@SacredNeigh7 , You can apply for funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for a Support Worker. Contact NDIS in your State and ask for an application form to be sent out. The form is then filled in by your Doctor. If you qualify you could be entitled to all kinds of support.

I am currently receiving a Support Worker twice a week, Psychology and Lite n Easy meals.

The paperwork is a minefield to work out but well worth it in the long run.

So happy to see you back posting on the forum.

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I don’t like socializing . But I take my pleasure when someone teaches me something ir has interesting ideas that differ from the competition egoistic way of thinking. I have a one hour threshold. After that I interrupt the conversation saying the truth partially. I want to go back to work but I say I have to go back to work to allow a social way of stoping

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Yep im asocial…

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I’m an introvert but I can be very social. Sometimes I like my alone time, but other times I can hang out and talk with someone for hours.

I don’t like being the center of attention in large groups though, that’s for extroverts.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t feel I can deal with the paperwork at this point in time but maybe in the future.

I might be joining the gym soon so that could do me good if I can handle being around that many people.

Nice to see you too.:slightly_smiling_face:

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