I don’t enjoy being around people

I like to be alone most of the time,I am mostly emotionless.Is it because of sz?

I tried to make “friends”,but I just thought other solo activities or hobby is much better then asking a friend out or being asked out,which might be why I am deemed sick

I enjoy being alone too


Me three

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Same, but sometimes I get really lonely. But I do well by myself mostly

Ive been alone really for years. My childhood was spent huddled over a commodore 64 , whilst my twin socialised. Its partly why this corana virus hasn’t really affected me. Im used to isolating.

Same here, but I do need to rub elbows with my fellow humans at least occasionally. Right now I have some mandated interaction with others, which is probably right and good.

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i dont enjoy being around people either

I enjoy being alone, but i’ve put in effort this year to attain and maintain some friendships i had with people i used to work with. So far it has been rewarding. I think there are pros and cons to being alone vs being with other people. Everyone is different.

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My friends always ask me to go out, I always say no because I find that boring since I was diagnosed. I only go out for my psy apt, my parents get my med and food.

I’ve never been a people person. Mindless chatter wears me out. I’m perfectly fine being in my own company. I’ve always had friends and stuff but if I do go out I prefer to listen than to actively ■■■■■■■■.


I keep aquaintances but hate being close to anyone I love my Alone time as well I’m definitely an introvert …

I’m a social animal, however I can’t do anything when I’m actively psychotic.

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I’m not a people person. But that’s ok as the while world is supposed to be isolating at the moment.

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I’m alone and isolated 99% of the time. And I like it this way. I’m definitely not very social. I find myself “alone in a crowd” a lot.

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I isolate myself most of the time. I enjoy my own company. Sometimes it can get lonely, but I try to get socialization through forums, and through discord or games. I also enjoy working on my hobbies.

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I like biographies
Magazines on stars
But I get overly nervous when I think about meeting someone new
Like a group with other people with mental illness
I get nervous can’t do it

Some people just like the be alone mostly.

I found myself wanting to be around people as much as possible. It makes me feel safe and like a normal person. I actually have wanted to be around people more after my hospitalization and diagnosis.

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For me its the opposite, I was social before my diagnosis but not after.

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hmm yeah. For me I get really scared if I’m alone too much. I think I’m basically scared of going crazy. Plus I get really sad and lonely.

Maybe if I jump up and down and triwl my arms, they’ll put me in solitary for a few hours.