Is anyone else here anti social?

Ive had this issue my whole life — the more time I spend with people the less I like them
I prefer staying home and want absolutely nothing to do with friends or socializing
I enjoy my alone time
I avoid getting close to anyone

Does anyone feel this way? Does it get better?


I feel you. I am the same way. I hope it gets better someday. :frog::frog::frog:

I am the same way, I get told I’m antisocial a lot. This stems from childhood even b4 sz diagnosis. I get tired and bored of people and I have always had a great amount of anxiety in crowds of people.

I don’t think it gets better my sz made mine worse.


It’s kind of a sad thing for me.
I have made hard efforts to overcome it
I can say hello to anyone passing by
But I don’t make any real connection with anyone, and I just really hate being around people


I’m anti-neighbors with one ear always focused on what I’m doing in my own apartment. I’m not doing anything illegal or noisy and can’t figure out why they’re allowed to do this. My job is ideal, I’m around people but not really required to get in big conversations with people. Just either small talk or saying hi.

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I told the psychiatrist I was antisocial. He corrected me. Rather, I’m socially avoidant, but I don’t want to ruin anyone’s pleasant socializing. That’s what antisocial would be.


Yeah, I’m kind of the same way. I feel good when I’m in a group of family or friends (when I have them) and people are having a pleasant time.

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I absolutely understand that being friendly in aquaintances
Didn’t you say you were a janitor at one time?
I have the same profession
I know what it is like

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Yeah, I’m currently a janitor in an Army Reserve office building. I have certain people I always say hi to and I am friendly with. Most of the soldiers are polite and respectful and call me sir.


I used to tell myself when I was young that if people didn’t stop by my house i’d never see a soul. They eventually did and I stopped seeing anyone. I was alone for a summer when I was 23, didn’t talk to a soul. Plants. Music. Driving. Girls I saw in passing.

Then I went to this farm community where I felt on top of the world. Then I fell off the face of the earth. No, I met D. We moved in together. On the van ride to her city I withdrew into my mind. Didn’t say a word for two hours in the van there. Drank. We were alone together. I think about that relationship all the time.

Would spend months alone sometimes not leaving the house at all except for cigarettes. The length of time I spent alone just got longer and longer. I see people sparingly but haven’t seen a friend in years. I fear I’m alone forever. I do well alone though. I just need to fall in love again. How I meet that person I don’t know. I’ve been so stuck in my head. I have a fracture inside my mind and it effects who I am which makes that difficult.

I am alone all the time.


If people weren’t paid to either take care of me or to teach me something I am afraid that I would be almost completely isolated. Except for my best and only friend, I would be.

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I have difficulties being around most people and avoid it.

I can’t even walk my dog around the block because there’s people everywhere.

I used to say Gday to people I walked by but then they didn’t say hello back so I stopped.

There are people around me who do not love me and actually have some hate towards me with tiny bit of like and I feel their vibes as they try supress me so I avoid them even if they are family.

My boyfriend might be the only person I see as such and I only see him weekends.

I sometimes believe that I have care workers in spirit who genuinely love and care for me and I appreciate them and they mean the world to me and help me so much.

I am anti social.

But I think it depends on the people.

I think if you got me amoung my type of people that I’m comfortable with and loved by as am that I would enjoy being with them and not be anti social with them.

I have enjoyed spending time with people in the past.

I love people and I love everyone on some level unconditionally but a lot of people want to suppress me or hate on me yet pretend to be nice.
I avoid that s h #t.

If I could afford to employ a care worker or support worker I would but finding someone I’m comfortable with might be a challenge and I don’t know if I’m eligible.

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I’m so introverted that I avoid other introverts.

Yes I’m anti social too

Sometimes not so much


I guess I can be antisocial as far as not being sociable. I try to talk to my dad and stepmom because I live with them but I can’t talk a lot to staff or clients from my mental health team. I hate it when the staff give me rides because then I have to try to think of things to say.

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I’m introverted. When I meet new people there’s a whole bunch of things I can’t talk about. Especially my diagnosis. So I just tend to have superficial conversations. I don’t make new friends easily that way. It’s kinda sad.

’Asocial’ not antisocial.


I think thats an important distiction to make :slight_smile:

Yes anti social isn’t that meaning psychopat?

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You have antisocial personality disorder. Which is the newer word for sociopathy.

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