I dont like being forced to socialize


I feel like I’m being pushed by my psychiatrist, therapist, and mom to socialize in a day program. Makes me so much sad.


Sometimes I feel the same. I try to do my best to socialize, but some people make me feel that’s not enough. And they have to understand it’s not easy for us to talk to people we don’t know.


Really? I found it too much fun when I was psychotic. Would talk to any girl and drove irraditac chasing stars. That and hospital, one thing is I love meeting manics in there. Fun!


Doc force me to sociolize ■■■■ it… i am good myself…!!


You do very well on here. I’m surprised.


Mental health professionals tend to push socialisation as an antidote to social isolation and social withdrawal. Some of us though are quite asocial irrespective of psychiatric diagnosis/symptoms. Part of that is influenced by a difficulty in knowing how to socially interact with others. My psychiatric team have accepted now I’m someone who very much likes to keep myself to myself. The door is open though if I ever change my mind.


I think some people just aint designed to be a social butterfly and there is nothing wrong with being anti social.

Just cause society deems it important doesnt mean i have to do it


Are you lonely? Do you actually feel isolated? Are you sad because you have no one to talk to? Don’t you want to share your life with others? If not, why not? Why don’t you want to socialize? Can you list the reasons and explain them?

If you can answer these questions honeslty and truthfully and still don’t want to socialize then no one can refute your feelings.

Some people are happy alone. The majority of people need others to validate their existence and need the comfort of others to be mentally healthy, so a doctor often presumes you are the same as the majority and pressures you into being ‘normal’.

Like monkeys grooming, touch and social chatter is pretty much essential to them all and most humans are no different. We are just advanced monkeys after all.

If you don’t want to socialize because you are ashamed of yourself for any reason then this could and should be overcome, or for example, you feel overwhelmed or anxious around others due too the illness then possibly confronting and controlling your demons would be a good thing, as the fundamental need of most humans is to communicate with others and there is much reward in it.

Make a list and be honest with yourself and then evaluate whether your initial reactions are valid. :slight_smile:


On a point of language- the appropriate term is ‘asocial’ not antisocial .


I like being around people where I know it’s safe. Without discussing religion, I feel safe at my church, where people try to be nice. I had a terrible experience at the counseling center downtown, so now I fear the same treatment most other places I go. I think my paranoia is getting worse, not better. Maybe I’d feel more comfortable isolating, but for now I’m just staying the course.


Yes yes …!!!151515 anti social is bad thing where as asocial is Not.!!!


I hear people still calling it anti social though


They really dont care about us…!!!


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I’m stressing about people too. I have to stand up and be social for the whole weekend. A receiving line of 90, plus again at the wedding and 15 house guests.


People used to try to get me to socialize more. Two psychiatrists and a woman who worked with me as my primary care coordinator or something in a facility were some people who wanted me to socialize more. People have caused way too many problems for me though so I mostly just like talking with my dad.


I don’t socialize my social skills are non existent plus I don’t care too much for people I am not a people person at all. I would rather spend time with my family and pets than most other people out there in the World.


I just can’t socialize, but I will get rid of it some day