What is the reason i am antisocial?

  • The antipsychotic I took for a decade
  • The illness,schizophrenia
  • I am just born this way,not the illness or meds

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I’m a born introvert. I enjoy being alone. It’s super peaceful.


I know,it’s ok to be introvert but I feel guilty not socialising.My parent instilled the thinking that I should go gather and stay in my room…now I feel guilty when others are socialising…

They might be right,and I can be wrong for not socialising.I just feel like failure,it’s added pressure somehow

I too have been anti-social. I think for me it’s a combination of all of the above you mentioned. But it is a paradox because I like being around people.

I’m trying to change my psychology. I have been thinking all the time that at home is the only place I can relax. Now I’m trying to think I should go outside to relax. Be at peace with going into the public outdoors. Public places are just as much mine as the next person. I’m trying to change.

I think it’s this damn illness.
It makes introverts completely antisocial.

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You’re not a failure my dude. If you like being alone be alone. You feel like a failure because of societal pressures. It’s all about who can have the most friends in modern society. Drop that pressure immediately is my advice.

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Other people.



I didn’t know what to put so I guessed.

I’m not antisocial anymore though I have been most of my life.

I have lots of friends now.I

Personally, anxiety made me antisocial. Now I compulsively avoid people.

I used to be pretty damn social.
It’s probably all these years of being on powerful psychotropics.
Could also be from some brain damage from psychosis.

For sure its my sz, actually I am less social off meds when I stopped meds for 2yrs, probably bcz of being paranoid of ppl. I have friends now and we talk everyday, sometimes they pick me up so we go to Starbucks and Mcdonald.

Hard 2 say.

We all like being alone and the comfort of isolation.

I mean, well, most of us.

I think its the disease. Stress and social aversion to an extent. I only think that because I was a pretty social person but I fell off hard outside of highschool and then a few years later I was diagnosed so I think things were stacking up to be a problem.

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