Is anybody politically oriented

I am not. I have voted just once in my 47-year old life. That was in 2006 in the Presidential elections of Finland. My candidate won. I am not interested in any politics.

In the 1980s I was involved in some Finland’s Central Party youth matters and I was responsible for one area, but I did not do anything so they did not want me any longer. That is the way I have been always, not politically oriented.

I vote the Green Party…that’s the environmental party to ya. Its just its possible the Green’s aren’t in every country.

Here in Finland are Greens too. I have never voted for any political party. In 1986 I was to participate in one Central Party demonstration against nuclear power, but I somehow went to drink some beer with teens of Helsinki in one park near the diplomatic missions. I was just not interested in politics of any kind.

I try and vote if i can. Have voted liberal democrat/labour/green in my time. My preferred choice is for the most left wing party but pragmatics will have me voting labour as the most likely chance to oust the evil Tories. One thing i will never do is vote Conservative.
On tests of where i stand politically i fall into the libertarian socialist camp.

In the US Presidential elections of 2000 I would have voted for Al Gore, but I was no citizen. I went to the last campaign event of Gore in Nov 2000 in Miami Beach, jumped over one fence and proceeded to have the handshake with Gore. Although I went through the whole invited crowd I was just five meters from Gore and did not have the handshake with him. I still remember those good looking Secret Service men without ties guarding Gore as he walked. Two people followed me and when I saw I could have not had the handshake, I turned around and these two people smiled at me. That was when I lived in my auto in Miami.

Our state still has mail in ballots. I do vote. I hate seeing what politics are like these days. The idea of working together to fix a problem has long gone out the window. Now it’s all melodrama and name calling.

I would wish elected officials would stop acting worse then school yard children.

A funny thing is that before Gore’s Miami Beach event I was in Washington D.C. and went to their campaign office in one Saturday evening near the White House. Yes, I lived in my auto thete too. There was one white woman and one black man. When I left Washington D.C. and drove my auto to Miami, I thought in Florida why Jeb Bush can not arrange the election for George W. Bush and then I saw a shooting star. This is what happened. Jeb Bush and his subordinates arranged Florida for Bush and Gore lost with some 500 vote difference. Maybe it so that when you wish something and see the shooting star, this wish becomes true as it was in 2000. I never forget the 2000 US Presidential elections.

Ralph Nader’s environmental party. :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree:

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I’m with you pretty much but I classify myself as libertarian liberal. I think that the gov’t (all of it) should be smaller.The liberal comes in that I think that we (especially the fed) should spend our money on different things than what they are doing. Environment, disability and welfare for people who actually need it (I think that is better to have social workers go check on the people who get disability and welfare than give it to people who don’t need it. Kinda reduce the stigma that way). I’m very laissez faire. Shut our doors. Rehabilitate our country before others. You can’t help others if you are broken yourself.

I was all for letting Ron Paul have go at ending the FED and all that. He got cheated it was a disappointment to watch. He was the most logical candidate devoted to his views. He really would have changed things, but in the end I guess I’m glad for obama care so america is still working out. At least we collectively had enough sense to not choose Romney.

i have never voted in my entire life.
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