Have you ever been politically oriented

I have not been in 28 years, but in 1986 I was a part of the youth program of the Central Party in Finland. I went to Helsinki to take a part in one demonstration against nuclear power in April 1986, but what really happened is funny. Instead of participating in this demonstration I somehow went to drink beer with some youth of Helsinki in Kaivopoisto where many diplomatic residences exist even today. Any way I was then selected to be a person reaponsible for one area in the Youth Central Party, but I did not do anything and after one year I did not hear anything from this youth program of the Central Party any more. I have never really been politically oriented, but I do not want Hillary Clinton to become the President of the U.S.A. I have my personal reasons.

No…not in any sense that I belonged to a political party, but a few old friends were dedicated democrats. I was independent, if I had to characterize myself politically back then I’d have to say I was something of a leftist libertarian. There was even one friend who went at the time from liberal atheist to Roman Catholic republican and I saw to it that I was a friend to her through that transformation. Then there was Jim who had just returned from human ecology school with his seemingly anti-everything philosophies he’d picked up. So there was some interesting debate among us.

Not in a political party. But I am in the union. Making my workplace better.

My friends and I partied in front of the White House after Obama’s election — does that count? :wink:

I vote every chance I get, but I don’t belong to any political organizations. Might be fun to join one, though.

I used to be more involved in politics - lately I am disgusted - nothing seems to be getting done.
I am more inclined to be voting - if I vote - for the individual person not the party he or she is affiliated with.
I tend to vote with the democrats - I may switch over to being an Independent - fed up with both parties actually

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i try to stay away from politics because it gets me too agitated and can feed certain ideas i have. or give me grounds to explore certain ideas. it’s not good for me to get too involved, frankly.

Same here. I’d like to vote for a President whose hands aren’t bound by corporate interests or selfishness, & who doesn’t believe in a surveillance state. Some degree is good, but as the population increases more people are becoming paranoid and watchful. I feel like with all that’s happened recently, our President is just repeating the same bland “we’re doing all we can” speeches but nothing provocative. I haven’t seen President Obama make a stand on any issues vocally, really pressing issues, such as the right to privacy from corporations and spying. All he does is increase funding for surveillance, while no checks and balances are in place. Drones were also an odd thing I’d expect from Obama. It feels very neo-nazi and fascist to have drones flying around in other countries and our own. I don’t see it as effectively defeating terrorism. Drones are not as precise as they state, and “rebels” or “terrorists” have so many ways to subvert that. What if a terrorist took over the drones themselves and more military spending without a solid strategy behind this growing power is a problem.

I am more of a Buddhist/Pacifist. I believe in free speech and our constitution. I believe in everything American democracy is supposed to stand for. I think we have less authority than we give ourselves credit for, and I don’t think fighting fire with fire works.

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I am a pacifist too @StarryNight - :smiley:

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I am emphatically eclectic and militantly middle of the road.