Is absence of happiness the same as depression?

Most days I don’t feel true happiness. I am not depressed; I’m productive and take care of myself.

But if I’m not happy, could it be mild depression? I wouldn’t say I am unhappy or sad either.

Just appear to be stuck in the middle. It’s quite unpleasant. I’m even finding certain activities are becoming less rewarding. Perhaps my life is too repetitive.

Methinks it’s time for a change of scenery.


Maybe you need to make some changes to your routine,

Or maybe antidepressants would work for you.

When I started Wellbutrin, I wouldn’t say I was depressed as much as I felt I didn’t have much purpose.

My mother in law, who I was caretaker for, had passed and it left a huge void in my life.

Antidepressants really helped get me back on track.


Many feelings overlap with depression like hopelessness and despair. But apathy is the big difference for me.

But depression is a mood disorder. Lack of happiness to me is part of negative symptoms.

I don’t think I have depression.

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Try an antidepressant.
It has helped me

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No, that’s apathy.

Despite this a lot of people say they’d rather be able to cry (which makes zero sense to me, being sad is much worse).

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Could be mild depression. Contrary to popular belief we are not suppose to be super happy all the time. Happy is just one part of the emotional spectrum.

We could be content, bored, agitated, tired, excited, angry, indifferent (blah), and so on.

So dont worry be happy now :musical_note::banjo:

Do you think people who are depressed because they are not numb / flat can laugh and feel a moment of relief or happiness?

I can’t laugh.

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Well depression could cause emotional flatness. Flat affect or blunted emotion is common with sz as well.

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This sounds like depression to me.

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It sounds like depression to me too.

Edit: I hope you get to feeling better.


I agree maybe it is too repetitive or maybe you need to just add something new into your routine.

Is there a hobby you haven’t tried out but are keen on

Do you have an interest you haven’t dabbled into

Do you have a large enough social circle.


Thanks guys. I’m gonna try meeting people more often.


no, i dont think they’re the same

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