Emotions, or lack thereof

I sometimes, really most of the time, feel emotionless or I only feel in slight. I know I can feel emotions, because I have been intensely angry, sad, or frustrated in the past. I struggle with positive emotions. I’ve tried to change this in therapy. It hasn’t worked. Most of my life, I’ve felt that my emotional reality is different from my peers. There have been times when people thought they could just say hurtful things about me because they think I lack them. And I know there’s not much emotional expression on my face. I try to mask it around people, but I’m not very good at it. I’ve had people ask me why I look sad. I’m just flat on the inside, and I am way more familiar with anxiety, anger, and depression than I am with any positive emotional experience. I don’t like devoting the mental energy to appearing “normal.”


Yeah, it’s not easy. I felt flat for about 10 years at one time, and it could happen again

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You may be experience a negative symptom called “The flat effect”. I don’t think I have a severe case of it but it’s definitely something I struggle with.


I have the same problem. I cant feel positive emotions, only negative ones like anger and sadness. I would rather not feel emotions at all honestly that only feeling these negative emotions. When I am not angry or sad, I look flat emotionless. Pretty sure its the negative symptoms of sz. I read about it lot.

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You have no emotions at all or do you still get negative emotions like sadness or anger?

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I get some emotion but I would describe them as weak. Like I can get angry/frustrated if someone gets on my nerves, but it’s not super intense, I feel sadness, like when my last dog died I had tears in my eyes but it passed pretty quickly. If I see something funny I’ll laugh and feel a little pleasure. This thing is the emotions I feel are mild and not very frequent. Most of the time I am just “neutral” for lack of a better word.


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