I use to take 5 mg of abilify, now I taking 6mg. I hope it works. Does anybody take abiliy and have you gotten side effects.

I’m on the Abilify injection and have had some trouble adjusting,

But that’s just me.

I hadn’t been on an AP for about two or three years, so I’d probably struggle adjusting to anything.

Why just the change of 1mg?

I take 10mg splitting it in half.one for day one for night. I like it overall.

I was on 400mg shot, the maximum dose. That increased over the years .Even that stopped working and I was hospitalised again, they said it ran out at the 3 week mark. I’m now on invega.

I am taking Abilify for the last 10 years. I don’t remember having any side effect. This drug is considered to be the safest of all the anti psychotic drugs.

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@Andhrawala buddy are u on abilify…do u work in a job now…i cant work due to negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms…

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I was initially prescribed the injection of Abilify as I refused to take medication and was put on a community treatment order. After coming to my senses I was put on 15mg tablets and am now down to 10mgs. Side effects include for me; slight weight gain and lethargy. On first commencing Abilify I had terrible anxiety (worse than my usual) did a lot of pacing and dribbled from my mouth when sleeping, but these terrible side effects disappeared after about 3 months. I have been lucky in the sense that I have never suffered from hallucinations nor heard voices but have found that Abilify works really well for my paranoid delusions and thought disorder. Sometimes I feel as though I have a form of dementia, but am not sure if that is as a result of the Abilify or as a result of psychotic episodes.

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I take 10mg abilify, might be tapering down in the nexts several months. Side effects can be severe especially at higher doses. People feel intense anxiety, then akathisia. Akathisia can also feel like anxiety except with dysphoria and panic. I have had all these symptoms at certain points very severely.

I have also suffered from dulling of the mind as a result of this med. It’s possible this is unique to me but I felt very dopey starting out, most dopamine blockers do this to me. Even now I’m feeling this impact, it takes me a lot longer to write. I also feel an inability to get all my thoughts out.

At higher doses it was also very sedating.

Some people will benefit from aripiprazole, but many move on to different meds because of the unbearable eps anxiety agitation and akathisia.

i take abilify now for about 15 years. i much prefer it to the others i tried like melaryl, risperdal, seroquel was the worst.

this med helps me sleep. also i feel happier when i take this drug.

it also keeps me calmer rather than the agitation some feel.

love it.



thank you 15 characters

yes I’m on abilify , no I don’t have a job right now because of episodes, being stressed out and depressed


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