Abilify: good or bad for your sz

I’ve been taking Abilify for about 10 and had pretty good results. I’m taking 15 mgs. Is anyone else taking Abilify for sz?

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Just started this week. 5mg at morning. I am also taking seroquel 600mg(I think) daily. Too soon for me to make out the effect of abilify. But have been in a more upbeat mode I think.

I took a recent poll on which antipsychotics people were on. Abilify was the most popular.
This is telling me that there are a lot of people with milder forms of SZ - Abilify usually works well for those suffering milder forms of psychosis.

I was on Abilify and it worsened my symptoms, making me very anxious and paranoid - I was still actively psychotic on it.
It is a pretty safe med, and actually has the tendency to lower prolactin levels in the body

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Sz isn’t solely psychosis. I don’t like to be told that “your” sz i harder or tougher or eviller than “my” sz just because of meds.

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I’m on 25 mg. My pdoc says I will need to change meds if I get another episode.

I am on 15 mg at the moment and 10mg of Olanzapine. I was on 20 mg of Olanzapine but it was making me really tired. I am hoping that it will work, but it’s been two weeks, and very little has changed.

Good luck with the Abilify! I’ve been taking it for quite a while. I think I need to increase my dosage now but I have to talk to my doctor about that of course.

Yes, I’ve heard that Abilify is the highest selling drug on the market.

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I’m on 300 MG a monthly injection and 10 mg daily oral. so 20 mg a day…i take it for schizoaffective. it does the trick. love it. i’ve been on it for 16 months and stayed out the hospital that whole time

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I’ve posted this before, but I was on it in hospital!

I got nauseous and started vomiting and became dizzy so they took me off it gave me a blood test and put me back on Olanzapine/Zyprexa! I wasn’t really in any state at that point to know what was going on only that It made me feel worse.

Like Wave I was still actively psychotic on it, but I was still on a low dose.

Thanks (:

How does it work for you? And are you on anything else?

Works well for me. Lately though not as well so I’m considering an increase of abilify. I’m going to consult my new podcast.

I find this information good to know, looks like tomorrow I’ll be starting 5 mg a day.

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