Is a blood glucose level of 275mg or 279mg two hours after a meal dangerous?

Hi peeps!
I will go tomorrow or monday to the pharmacy. I measured my own blood glucose levels today twice for the first time. I followed the official YouTube video, washed my hands with soup and dryed them properly and I get that high level.

I was browsing some website about blood glucose levels. But I need a professional measerement, so I will go to the pharmacy who sold me this device.

I have since a month some of the symptom of high blood glucose levels. Like throwing up, weaknes(that way longer), there is also written that you pee and drink a lot. I sometimes go three times in fifteen minutes to the toilette or more than five times an hour, when I smoke and drink more around the day. I drink 4 litres and just today I didn’t drink anything with sugar for four hours to get a valid result, and have measered two hours after a meal like the pharmacist said.

The gauging of blood sugar in the U.S. and in other countries is not the same. If you are in the States the YES the blood sugar is EXTREMELY HIGH. You need to see a doctor.

You have diabetes.

Are you on Zyprexa? That med gave almost gave me diabetis if I didnt stop it. My internist Dr told my psychiatrist to stop it as it was causing high bp, high cholesterol and high blood glucose.

I know, I have diabetes since february 2019.

The pharmacist said a good level is 80mg to 120mg, I have at least 275mg and 279mg.

I’m on:
Risperidone 4 mg, twice 2 mg daily,
Quietiapine 50 mg, daily, and additional 50 mg if I really can’t sleep,
150 mg Xeplion, Once a month
Fenofibrat 100 mg, once daily
Metformin 1000 mg, twice 500 mg daily

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Maybe replace sugar with Splenda or another 0 calories sweetener. Eat more fiber, less bread etc
But I think at your lvl its too high, you need diabetes meds other than Metformin. But still good to do these diet changes.

Type 1 or 2?(diabetes)?

Type 2. 151515151515

Go see a doctor ASAP
This is indicative of uncontrolled diabetes.

Are you taking diabetes meds?

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That sounds really high. You should definitely talk to your doctor about it.

What sorts of foods are you eating?

I will call my doctor on monday.


Yes twice 500 mg of metformin.

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You are probably eating lots of high carb foods.
Cut back on the carbs.

Unhealthy. My father buys the food. There is basically one meal each evening. And before that and after that I eat bread and cold cuts. I know it is no good for diabetes, but I’m too lethargic and a downer to buy my own food.

Don’t wait to long,those ranges of blood sugar are dangerous,and you might need real diabetes meds.
I suggest doing hba1c as three month level of sugar which is bound to your hemoglobin and shows real blood sugar level.
Don’t wait to go blind or loose leg…

Ask for more vegetables. Even just substituting a piece of bread for a couple pieces of lettuce in a sandwich could make a big difference.

And you really shouldn’t be eating sandwiches after dinner. If you’re still hungry opt for low carb snacks like raw veggies or even cheese.

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