Developing diabetes. HELP!

So, I’m super overweight, but my blood sugars have always been normal and I have a pretty healthy diet. But since being on perphenazine I’ve noticed my blood sugars are occasionally higher than expected when I randomly check them.

This morning I checked my fasting blood sugar because I’d been worried about it and just wanted some reassurance, but it was 117! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: I emailed my doctor to ask for official blood work and to check A1C, but it’s Sunday and she has Mondays off.

So, for those of you that have developed type 2 diabetes, or are at risk and have already talked to your doctor, what can I do?

I’m already working on losing weight, and have lost 25+ lbs since May. But I’ve got a long way to go still. I’ve been eating only whole foods, and plan to continue with that. I can’t exercise currently, but plan to talk to my doctor about changing my heart meds so maybe I can?

I don’t know. I’m lost and kind iof freaking out. Any advice?


Is there a GP you can see without an appt?

Ask for some metformin.

I could go to the immediate care, but my doctor will want me to get blood work before prescribing.

Hmm …

Best bet would be to just take it easy and drink lots of water at this moment, I think.


117iswell within normal range. Mine bouncesfrom 50 to 120withoccasio al 200s


Fasting blood glucose should be under 100. 100-125 is high risk. And over 125 is considered indicative of diabetes.

I have diabetes @LED.
Don’t worry, 117 is not an alarming number.
Just make sure you are eating less carbs and drinking plenty of water.

Discuss things with your doctor.


Thanks. I hope you’re right.

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You won’t drop dead from high blood sugar, it’s more of a slow killer. So don’t worry, and see your doctor when you can to ask about metformin.

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Abilify drove up my blood sugar. I take metformin. Metformin is dirt cheap if you’re worried about cost and has no side effects (for me anyway).

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My mother was a type 1 diabetic. My grandmother would add cinnamon to my mom’s food when she could bc cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar. I think vinegar also. I think. So you might want to look vinegar up.


I had that happen from Zyprexa. All of a sudden my numbers were high. My dr put me on Metformin to lower my blood sugar even though I don’t yet have diabetes. My A1C is only 5.7. But in addition to having Metformin, my pdoc put me on Loxapine instead of Zyprexa. The bummer is that I haven’t noticed my numbers going down yet.

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I am newly diagnosed with a A1c of 6.5 (just barely there). What I’ve learned is that whole grains, beans, citrus fruit, sweet potatoes, berries, tomatoes, nuts, cheese, milk, and yogurt are the best foods. White bread, and white potatoes are not good for you and anything with more than 12 grams of sugar at one meal are not good. I don’t know about sugar-free candy, but they tell me sugar free flavored water, and sodas are OK, along with wheat thins, and trisquits. I’ve even met one person who ate rice cakes, and animal crackers. If you are diagnosed eat a small meal about every 2-3 hours and don’t skip meals. I take metformin now and lost a little weight. I had a 3-4 day breakdown when I was diagnosed but recovered.

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For now, try to focus on some relaxing activities to take your mind off it. You can’t do anything until you see your doctor, and you might have just had an error in the test. Maybe you ate too late at night and got a falsely high reading. Maybe the test strip was faulty. You need more information before taking actions.