I doubt I have Diabetes

Tested my blood glucose levels after eating all kinds of junk food and it was 139.
I’m sorry but this is not Diabetes.

I do take Metformin but still.
I just think that I have high blood sugar from the Risperdal.

But not full blown Diabetes.

Don’t know why I was diagnosed with this.

I eat junk food everyday and maintain a stable level.

Going to mention this to my doctor next time I see him.

My A1C Hemoglobin level last time was 6.
This is not Diabetes territory.

Maybe I’m prediabetic.


I have to take metformin for abilify induced high blood sugar. The doctor, his nurse and my psychiatrist call it diabetes.

So I say to them "it’s not diabetes because if I stop taking abilify my blood sugar goes back to normal :angry: "

But they still call it diabetes. Which annoys me.


Yes exactly.
If I stop taking these psych meds, my “diabetes” dissapears, so technically it’s not diabetes.

I’ll continue to play along with these doctors.

Thanks for your input @everhopeful.


I got diabetes 2 from Olanzapine. I drink 850mg Glucophage in the morning and at night.


Why? 161515151515


I know, got to get back on track.

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I hope not @Wave most blessings to you and your life.

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Thanks @Daze. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think I have diabetes yet but I don’t like taking more than 1mg of Risperdal at a time anymore because it gives me the munchies. I also am trying to take it earlier in the day because I think it interferes with my normal sleep cycle if I try to use it to help me get drowsy…and if I don’t sleep at least 7 hours I eat a lot more.

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I don’t understand why at 320 pounds I haven’t been diagnoses with diabetes but I haven’t. While it’s possible you were misdiagnosed you have to consider that maybe the drug you take for it actually works. I would suggest you test that theory by doing the no metforim/ junk food thing but that would really be too dangerous to try. Asking your doctor about it instead is the right move.

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No as long as I’m taking risperidone or another AP I’ll continue taking Metformin.
But I’ll try to eat less unhealthy foods.

Are you seeing an endocrinologist? They are pretty knowledgeable about diabetes.

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My family doctor sees diabetes patients but last time I saw him he asked me if I was seeing an Endocrinologist.
I will ask him if I should go see one.
I don’t have a severe form of diabetes so I don’t think it’s necessary.

You could always go just in case. My dad sees a endocrinologist for prediabetes

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Yeah maybe I’ll consider it.
Thanks @dougRN.

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