Is a bark collar humane?

I have two small dogs that are very barky.

We’re moving to our new place and it has lots of windows.

Also lots of wild life, and its up on a hill, so you can see all the activity on the street.

Today I realized this is going to get out of hand, fast.

I can’t take it! The constant barking is going to drive me off a cliff.

I’m sure they’ll adjust to a certain extent, but I can’t live like this until they do, if they do.

Its making my eye twitch.

Do you think this is cruel or appropriate?

I have no idea, but I would talk to a vet for sure before deciding.

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Probably more humane than having their vocal chords removed, which some pet owners do.

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I’m having kind of a thing with the vet right now.

(Not a sex thing, a heated argument, long story)

He recommended one before, so I know that its not actually going to hurt them and that it is a effective training tool.

I’m just feeling very guilty and unsure,

Looking for some input.

If the dogs are small, try taking them out for walks until they are worn out. (unless you are moving to a place with winter). Once a day for 15 minutes will wear them down after a few weeks. They will eventually bark less and more quietly.

This is the reason I don’t have dogs or pets in general. Because I hate taking care of animals and/or people.

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Nice idea,

But I’ve actually already tried that.

They still bark and howl.

I thought if I just exhausted them, they’d not have the energy to bark.

Not the case.

I mean they are sleeping real hard between barking fits, so that counts for something.

Hold them down until they relax lol


Sounds borderline abusive,

Never get pets!

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Doggy massage? 151515

Well they don’t really have a concept for language lol

I mean yeah I’ve seen worse where people not only held them down but pulled their skin tight.

Holding them down just shows your dominance. Just don’t hurt them.

There are citronella bark collars that are gentler than the shock ones you mainly hear about. When they bark, they get a spray of citrus scent.

We have very barky dogs, too. I feel your pain.

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Somewhat over the line. That’s distressing.

As to the barking, if you traded in your inferior dogs for superior cats, your life and noise level would be greatly improved.

Just sayin’.

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I dig out my own eardrums before I get a cat.

Generally, teaching by punishment is not the best way to teach anyone, human or animal. It will make them fearful, which can make them unhappy. There are some OK forms of punishment, but shocks are probably not the best idea.

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Some people just aren’t awesome enough to qualify for cat ownership, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Great resource!

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I don’t like the idea of a bark collar personally but I know people that have them. Sometimes in a city, you might have no choice if u want to keep your pet. That would suck. I’m glad I live rural!

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Let me put it this way. Is holding the dog down yourself better or worse then an automatic shock collar?


Further evidence you should never own a pet…

At least the dog isn’t getting tazed!