Anyone an expert at training dogs?

My pitbull has been acting very aggressive ever since I moved so I purchased a remote shock collar to train him. I’m curious if any of you have a lot of experience training dogs and if so if you have any advice?

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Shock collar is abusive.

He propably is under a lot of stress because you moved. What has changed in his environment? Does he sleep enough? Do you play with him? Give him attention? Does he have firm rules to follow? The more you make yourself the leader, the less he needs to take action to lead you.

When you play with him, YOU start and stop the play. You are in charge. Get his attention before he enters or leaves the house. Before he can eat.

I’ve had 4 dogs so far. German shephards.

I suspect your new home smells strongly of another dominant animal, particularly after your story about your cat. Or possibly there’s another animal coming to the windows? I don’t really know how to combat that, though. I don’t have a lot of experience with dogs.

I’ve raised two dogs before with the family. One from infancy to full adult-hood, the other from young adult-hood to death.

What you have to do is get it out on walks more often. Animals are amped with energy and if they don’t have any way to expend it, they’ll find ways - usually by barking at any sight or noise of other beings in the neighborhood.

I’d suggest long walks that get it panting & tired out, followed by appropriate disciplining - having him sit before eating, for instance. Help your dog get accustomed to the neighborhood, then establish dominance by having him eat - but making sure he is respecting you as the “hand that feeds”. Don’t let a dog walk all over you, show some assertive dominance.

My brother had two dogs the years he lived there and the neighbors next door have 3 dogs.

It’s in a very rural area so there could easily be other animals coming around such as deer, foxes, raccoons, etc.

The darn cat is still behaving poorly. If the cat’s behavior doesn’t change soon, I’m going to have to get rid of her sadly. She’s starting fights with the other two cats which have had no issues at all in the move.

A shock collar is abusive if misused but I’m only going to use enough current to get his attention. I tried it out on myself to determine what the max setting it can be before it’s actually painful. I intend to put it on him at the minimum setting and turn it up just enough so that he can barely feel it.

Thx for advice @comatose, @mistercollie, @rhubot

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