Is 5mg of abilify enough if you're stable?

Is 5 mg of abilify safe if you’re stable on antipsychotics?

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5mg of abilify on it’s own is like being off meds.

5mg of abilify is just used as an addon to an antidepressant for depression.

If you use it in conjunction with a therapeutic dose of another antipsychotic then it can help lower prolactin.


Im 2nd Day on 5 mg.
I feel effect on 5 mg.
Do you feel it helps you?

Did your pdoc recommend that you go down to 5? I’m hopefully going to be going down to 10mg.

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It helped me @5mg a long time ago.

Im still on The starting dose…
Im intended to go higher, but well see.

I thought the lowest recommended dose was 10mg. I think 15mg is the normal amount.

Something like that.

I’m on 5mg abilify. I feel good but my sleep padron is becoming a difficulty. I look a bit maniac

Are you sz or bipolar?
Did pdoc set you at 5mg?
How long have you been on 5mg?

I’m interested because I would like to be on the lowest possible dose. Didn’t realise there were people on 5mg.

1 months or 2 until now. I have psychotic disorder NOS. Sometimes i think i’m almost normal and sometimes i think they not found what i have and don’t know how to medicate me yet…

I love this low dose because i feel so normal. Ooor without insight ahaha i dont know

Oh right. Did you have a psychotic break?

Yes. One in 2014 and one in 2016. And you?

I’m schizophrenic I think. Had two breaks in past two years, 2nd one because I stopped taking meds. Doc thinks that because my delusions were persecutory that I’m probably paranoid schizophrenic.

I’m on 12.5 abilify, but hoping to go down to 10mg.

I take 50 milligram of Abilify I think the doctor is trying to poison me I was still hearing voices at 30 mg so he upped it I’m going to ask him to lower it to 30 again because that’s the highest you should take for Abilify maybe he should add another antipsychotic to the Abilify I don’t know

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I have paranoid schizophrenia and I would like some advice about my meds

What do you mean if your stable

If you hear voices at 30mg and pdoc gave you 50 mg i think he’s trying to help you, not poising

I want to try 5mg Abilify to lower the prolactin of my risperidone

If you feel stable and you’re under a doctor’s care, if 5 mg is working for you, who’s anyone to say otherwise? If it works, stick with it.

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