Anyone stable on 5mg abilify?

Just curious if anyone was on that low of a dose.

10 mg is the minimum dose for Sz I believe. 10 to 30

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10mg is indeed the minimum therapeutic dose for schizophrenia. 5mg is just an anti depressant.

5mg does actually work as an antipsychotic for about 3 weeks then it’s no better than placebo according to clinical trials.

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But everyone is unique correct?

Also abstaining from smoking tobacco, alcohol, and drugs… Its not easy :frowning: but hopefully worth it!!!

Which medicine are you on atm… Is it going well?

When I switched to Abilify my pdoc put me on 5mg. I started hallucinating and getting paranoid. He upped it to 10mg, and I’m doing better. I still may hallucinate occasionally, but I don’t get paranoid. I’m just not sure sometimes if what I’m hearing is really there or not.