Does anyone else feel irritable? If so, how do you manage to feel better? I often feel very frustrated and irritable.

Sometimes it’s a personality characteristic, such as with myself. I’m not “content” if I’m not “agitated.” I am actively working on that, and my wife’s feedback has been positive, so I AM making progress. Irritated does not equal agitation, yes, but my threshold for irritability is so low, it builds and builds, and then, BOOM! I lose my sh*t.

How do I manage? I have found that speaking with other intelligent people and having a stimulating conversation to help. I have a very active mind, and often analyze things 14 ways to Sunday. If I can get out of my head and delve into something worthwhile, that helps immensely. I’ve found reading interesting things to help too. In short, I just prefer to keep my mind occupied with something other than getting riled up over things that in reality are trivial.


I second the notion of having an overactive mind.

It’s 11pm and I’m on here picking the most serious threads to talk on. This is how I go to sleep.

If my mind isn’t occupied, I become undone or unglued or whatever.

I am irritable, yeah, and I workout to curb it and take meds to curb it. I have some uh complications with my psyche though. The shrink who diagnosed me said psychopath. I think he was right. Theoretically I should be broken for good and not getting back up, but what here I am. When I get seriously threatened, I start hunting. It’s that simple.

I’ve done research on aggression and its relationship with trauma and what I found was no surprise. Aggression is a protective agent against PTSD.

For example at my worst, I get carried away and literally say “■■■■ it up worse!” And then engage in self destructive behaviors on top of psychosis and being aware of my psychosis.

I really can’t stress how important exercise is for me. If I am not worn out once a day or incredibly sore, it is a bad day.

And I used to drink like I was insane because I was insane.

I get off on being “insane”. Well that’s good because by layman’s terms I am insane and will never be normal again. The key is that I think it’s fun and even funny.

This is painting an ugly picture of a psyche.

Good thing the artist just said it was ugly.

Honestly if you are agitated and irritable, I recommend exercise and mental exhaustion as well. Try reading challenging dense books about science. Try jogging for half an hour. Try uh how do I phrase this uh try having an orgasm, that will make your brain cool off. Yeah I sometimes do that but I hate it so it’s a last resort.

And as always, ask a doctor. I’m not a doctor.