Iron is low

Today someone called from schueduling to schuedule my hemotologist visit to discuss my Iron being way too low may have to have an infusion if its still low when I go taking Iron pills have been for about a week now


Good luck! Iron can be so tricky to balance.

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Yea I second this! Irons super annoying to balance sometimes I don’t know if I have enough or too little. My mom’s always had iron problems. I might inherit it when I’m older. But I’ve had low iron before started taking iron pills then it felt like way too much. Such a pain. I feel your pain.

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I hope I can get it balanced out hoping I dont have to depend on Iron pills from now on but I may have to if my body isnt absorbing iron for some reason thats where the Iron infusion comes in my mom has problems absorbing Iron plus other meds that could also be my problem as well

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I am glad you’re seeing a hemotologist, then. I have a disorder called thalassemia that causes poor iron absorption. It doesn’t change the amount of free iron in the body though, which means my blood work can look like I have low iron when I don’t. That puts me at risk for iron overload if I take supplements without careful monitoring. I have to check my ferritin levels to get an accurate iron level, but most general doctors don’t order that test.


I hope your iron turns out good.

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when my doctor orders labs he always checks my ferritin level, and it is almost always low my Iron overall is very low every time I have it checked I see a hematologist next month so I will find out if I need a Iron Infusion most likely I will keep everyone posted.