iPhone can now serve as hotspot!

im pretty sure I would have noticed that before. You can turn it on in the settings.

Wifi/Bluetooth are available.

I might quit paying for cable internet. Depending.

Yeah you can even tether it by its charge cord to no wifi computers.

Oh that’s what I was going to do . Lte data rates.

Dec. 2014

So yeah ■■■■ that. I’m on sprint. Slowest down speed out of the 4. That’s how the get away with unlimited data plans while the other carriers only provide like 10 gigs a month before overages apply.

I’ve used 18 gigs already since the last billing period.

It’s not bad service. YouTube streams. Knowing it could be faster kind of changes things, I’d rather have unlimited data over fast speeds. Regarding a phone.

Windows tracks bandwidth now as well. Can remember where that detail can be found.

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That feature was in my iPhone 3G I believe. It’s a pricey feature if you do a lot with multimedia. Be warned.


Unlimited data Holmes!

Unfortunately the slowest downstream rate of any major carrier.

I had never seen it in there before. I had the iPhone 5 for years. Maybe they got rid of it for a while.

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