Invisible creatures *trigger

Does anyone here sense the invisible creatures that are always around, watching and observing? They don’t talk, but they can read my mind and they watch every move I make.

I have dealt with this a bit.

Mainly at night when I’m trying to fall asleep. I’ll see distortions in the lighting which form silhouettes that appear to move. Not quit humanoid but not animal either.

They aren’t real but it is creepy. Kind of reminds me of a miyazaki movie which is oddly comforting.

No actual creatures, but real people are watching, which in itself is kind of creepy.

I’ve never had visual stuff, just auditory and olfactory.

I can’t see these beings, but I know they’re not human and I know they watch everything I do.

@daze I also feel real people watching and sense cameras filming me.

Have you been to pdoc, some of what you’ve said sounds very much like paranoia.

You have sensory reaction to things around you.

It’s a sign that you might need intervention.

Especially if it’s stopping you from your daily living.

I see my therapist regularly. I am very paranoid. We are working on latuda levels right now. I’ve started low and worked up to 30mg because it completely knocks me out.

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Let me pose another question…how many different creatures are in the computer?

@llwantingll 'm not sure how many are IN the computer. I just know of the 8 or so creatures that follow me around.

@daze what’s sensory reaction? Is that a symptom of schizophrenia?

Yes there are most certainly others i can say.

I can remember them pacing the hallway in my childhood very early in the morning. Imagine waking up to the sight of dead deer heads in the blackness with someone in the hallway walking back and forth.

They kill people sometimes and no one ever knows it.