Invega sustenna

Anyone have any luck with invega? Ive been getting lots of paranoia lately and am wondering if i need to switch APs. What was your experience with invega like?

My experiences on Invega Sustenna and Invega Trinza have been good. I’ve had some delusions but I don’t think about them much anymore.

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Invega has been good for me except for a few side effects. It hasn’t gotten rid of the random song that’ll play in my head throughout the day but the voices and paranoia are gone.


Invega Sustenna worked pretty well for me, but I couldn’t handle the side effects.

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What side effects did you get?

It killed my sexual functioning. I was completely unable to be aroused. Started tardive dyskinesia, which I still have. I was super spacey and felt really dumb. I had pretty bad heat intolerance. High prolactin levels, like, sky high. And later in the course of my treatment, the injection started causing severe pain and inflammation at the injection site. I couldn’t lift my arm for a month, once. So, I switched.

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invega worked for a while for me but yet my symptoms returned. I am now on a combo of risperdal consta and clozapine… that helps for me.

Yeah. I feel like my dymptoms are getting worse. It seems like trying a new AP is needed

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