What do you think about invega?

Is this a good drug? How’s with intellect?

I had my first Invega Sustenna injection yesterday, (117 mg). So, i don’t know what to tell you about it yet. Hopefully it works and doesn’t give me much side effects.

I take the injection (100mg) every 5 weeks, because I was having a lot of side effects, since then I have none. Had a minor psychotic episode last week, it lasted for about half an hour but I don’t think it has to do with that, I used to be psychotic all the time just a few months ago and the med actually helped me rationalize myself out of it.

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Yeah I think it’s pretty good. I take the 117mg injection. I think it’s starting to wear off though.

My biggest problem with Invega was insomia. Most of the nights I couldn’t sleep at all. Zyprexa worked better.

I was on invega while on latuda too. I was taking the 234 mgs injection and the oral meds around 18 mgs. the invega didn’t help me very much. I felt anxious and paranoid while on it and I still hallucinated.

Invega is usually a very effective AP - basically the same thing as Risperdal (almost)

I tried Invega for a while but I had some sort of reaction to it and it was not as effective for me as Risperdal.

Invega is a bit more stimulating than Risperdal.

I used invega tablets and they have been the best AP I have used.

I’m currently on Latuda because I was having I guess break through psychosis on invega. I hate Latuda, it;s a waste of money because I vomit it back up within half an hour of taking it.

Invega was great though and when I see my psychiatrist again I’m going to ask to be put back on Invega.

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