Is invega good or bad

I do research on invega and all I see people review is that it ruins your life and in my experience it brought me back from the dark but after 1 year and a half I noticed that I’m starting to get that feeling of being scared to be alone and I feel alone and I notice I’m a lot more in a space where I can’t be in class too long cause I feel desperate to leave

I also noticed I have random times where I’ll lose focus and kind have a dead state with blank thought

Invega made me feel amazing. Then I stopped taking it for few days. Took it again and felt awful. Don’t know why.

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Invega works better than any drug I’ve taken with the voices in the long term. However the long term side effects turned out to be a huge weight gain, and diabetes along possibly with other things. I think you’d find long term negative results with any drug though and I am certainly reluctant to give it up.

I went completely delusional and got much worse when I was on invega. It was awful. I remember I was completely terrified to talk. I thought something terrible would happen if I made any noise at all. It was so scary sand went on for weeks because I was too out of my mind to realize it was the meds.


I know somewhat what you mean

Are you able to hold down a family or job or go to school and yeah weight gain is a big one if I don’t take care of what I eat I’ll go up 5lbs in a week

So what are you currently taking and we’re you able to get stuff done

I’m taking depixol. Negative symptoms got better slowly on their own.

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My son killed himself while on it so, no, I don’t like it.

I held a job 10 years ago, and went to school for 4 more years, but ended up in the Psych Ward soon afterwards 4 times in a half year when I took Latuda, and never recovered in spite of going back on Invega. The goal of my health providers is now for me to stay stable. I never had a family of my own or had a real relationship.

I’m sorry to hear that

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As far as I know, it worked to get me out of a delusional state. There were side effects that I wasn’t really aware of until I got off of it though – like super-sedation and poverty of thought. Plus I used to get this really strange anxiety I never had until I was on it.

I’m on Invega Sustenna right now. I’ve been on it since July, 2019. It works pretty well for me, better than any other antipsychotic I’ve tried. It comes with side effects, though.

I have:
Sexual dysfunction
Worsened memory issues
Severe tiredness
Trouble focusing
Heat intolerance
Sinus congestion
Apathy - lack of interest in anything


It seems to be a very divisive medication. People either love it or hate it. I think it all comes down to your brain chemistry.

I loved it for a while, then got sick of the side effects.

took me awhile to get used to it. like the first 16months sucked. but i got used to it and side effects like, anhedonia or depression, jaw clinching, weight gain, sexual dsyfunction lessened.

after 3 and half years on invega sustenna, my doc and nurse have switched me to invega trinza which is every 3 months.

at the moment it’s working great for eliminating voices, i would be interested to try a lower dosage or maybe abilify, i would kind of like to get some emotions back. that’s another side effect flat effect and slower thought processes. anyways it works, has some side effects which is the case i gather from most ap

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