Invega Sustenna

Has anyone lost weight on Invega Sustenna? If so how much weight did you lose and what is your dosage amount. I’m currently on a 50mg injection every month and am trying desperately to lose weight.

Thank you

Hi.i m using invega since 4 years.usually its really hard to lose weight on invega but not impossible.i usually loose 4 or 5 kilo if i get exercises and making diet.but i never loose more than 5 kilo.its really hard

Invega sustenna was weight neutral for me. Now I’m on 10 mg of Haldol and I’m losing weight. In fact, I’ve lost 71 pounds! Losing weight on APs is possible. It’s hard work but you can do it

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Yeah losing weight seems impossible to me as well. At least i do not gain either.


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I gained weight on Invega. a lot of weight.

when i was taking invega my weight stayed the same… but over time as my meds were changed i gained some weight so i’m not sure what drug initiated the weight gain.

I’ve lost about 40lbs since last March on 234mg.