Invega shots

I’ve been on Invega Sustenna for 3 years and I’m up to 208 lbs trying to lose…is there any women who have had luck with weight loss ??

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I lost 40 lbs through calorie counting, but I had to severely limit myself. I was pretty miserable the whole time. Now, I just focus on staying active and eating healthy foods and don’t pay attention to the scale. I was on geodon for five years without gaining, but one year on gabapentin and I’m much bigger than I was. Happier though, so I’m not too worried.


I lost 41 pounds this past year just watching what I ate. I cut portion sizes. Everything is the size of the front of my fist. This way I eat everything I want and lose weight without even exercising. It is hard at first but your stomach shrinks and you begin to feel full faster and easier.

The only drawback is I never eat my husband’s money’s worth at a buffet.


I am on invega sustenna too. Two years nine months. I am 5’5 202 pounds. Been trying desperately to lose it. Just started watching my calories, so we will see how that works.

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How long did it take u to lose

I think you need to do calorie counting that’s the only way to loose weight and temporarily do keto diet …I haven’t lost any weight but gained 10 pounds on invega …however I have halted further gaining through diet and exercise

I started losing last fall. I was 245 and went to 204. Still trying to break 200.

I lost 15 pounds fasting. I eventually plateaued.

Do anybody know some meal plans that will help

I gained 35 lbs on risperidone. I lost 18 eating 900 calories a day drinking a lot of protein shakes and small snacks. Still working on it

I take invega pill every day 3mg. I maintain my weight

As soon as I got on 234mg, I gained 6-7 lbs. Then I just maintained by exercise

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