Is anyone on the Invega shot?

I have serious digestive system issues, and I worry about my medications not absorbing properly. It happened to me in June, took a month instead of 2 weeks to get better due to intestinal inflammation. I’ve considered the injection several times, I’m tired of drama now.

Does the shot become less effective at the end of the month? Is it stronger when first injected?

I saw online that side effects were worse with the injectable form. I never had any troublesome side effects with oral. What were your side effects?

I take the 50mg invega injection (invega sustenna) and I dont notice it becoming less effective at the end of the month compared to the first day of getting it…

The side effects for me are sexual dysfunction and sometimes tiredness during the day and I CANNOT EVER fall to sleep if I do get tired during the day, ever since I started invega I can’t ever take naps I just dont fall asleep… But at night I don’t have any problems sleeping.

but other then that I guess its a good med I dont have any delusions or voices…


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My son began Invega Sustenna injections in mid-May after being hospitalized several times for med non-compliance. He previously was on Zyprexa and Trilafon – has always hated taking pills.

The I.S. injections have helped my son tremendously, however, the maintenance dose recommended of 117 mg was not enough to control his symptoms and his last injection was upped to 156 mg. We also noticed the injection seemed to lose its effectiveness after the third week.

Pdoc has son supplementing the shot with Invega Paliperidone 3 mg at this time until the full effect of the 156 mg kicks in. It seemed after he started with the Invega 3 mg supplement we noticed a big improvement. He is doing MUCH better right now.

My son much prefers the injection over taking so many pills. He has not spoken of any side effects and seems quite happy with the results.


High pulse and dizziness

I’ve been on it for over a year. My weight hasn’t increased. My symptoms are mild.

The effects might weave off a bit after four weeks but it’s hardly noticeable. Psychosis shouldn’t return until several months after you stopped your meds. Overall I’d recommend it, quite happy with it. And I get it in the shoulder, better than buttocks for me. :smile:

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my son is on prolixon injections. it does tend to tone down towards the end of the month…
When he first gets it, he has to take cogentin to control tremors-but they go away within a day or two

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I have been taking Invega 234mg shot and was getting it every 30 days in the hip and noticed on the last week that it was wearing off. I talked to my old psychiatrist about it and she talked to the pharmacist and was told that some people notice it wearing off on the last week. She was also informed that it is 20% more effective if given in the arm rather then the hip. I now get the shot every 23 days in the arm instead of every 30 days in the hip and it works great. Very few side effects, low libido and flat mood which could also be part of the illness as well. I have been on it for probably close to a year now and its really good, out of site and out of mind. Just make it to the nurse once a month to get the shot and your good.


I was on it for a year or so, and didn’t notice any side effects, hated getting the shot, it was court ordered, and it felt like I didn’t have any control.