Invega giving the opposite of drymouth?

When I was on abilify, I would get dry mouth.
Now I’ve made the switch to Invega, my mouth is producing much more saliva, and it tricks me into thinking I’m hungry, but then I try to eat something and it turns out I’m not.

What gives? How do I combat this? Or is it just that I need to get used to a regular amount of saliva as opposed to not enough?


If you take up vaping all day the dry mouth will come back

I already vape all day

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I’d say give your body time to adjust to invega. I think too many people start taking a drug, notice something strange and quit. Now if it’s a serious reaction I can understand but it’s taken almost 2 years for me to get the full benefit of invega, and who knows maybe it will keep getting more effective in the future

Oh, I’m not gonna quit Invega, it’s the most comfortable medicine I’ve been on yet, aside from the caffeine sensitivity and the wetmouth. :slight_smile:

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I’m on Invega and it depends on how much I drink (water or whatever I drink). Sometime I get dry mouth and sometimes I get wet mouth also :tropical_drink:

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It’s called hypersalivation.

Clozapine does that. Not sure about Invega but wouldn’t surprise me.