Has anyone ever had this side effect with Invega?

I have been taking Invega for a little over a month or so. The only problem I seemed to have was some insomnia and my medication was adjusted several times to accommodate for this. It, then, seemed to make a little more sleepy; but, that may have been the Buspar. My mind seemed clearer and the awful thoughts seemed to disappear. Then out of nowhere, one night, when I lie down to sleep, I started getting funny noises in my throat and it felt like my throat might constrict so I couldn’t breathe or swallow. It scared me; so, I stopped the Invega. Those throat problems went away in two nights after stopping the Invega. I couldn’t see this listed as s possible side effect or problem. I don’t know. I see the pdoc on Monday. I don’t seem to be psychotic right now; though, I have had some occasional thoughts. I was just curious if anyone had experienced anything similar with Invega and had to stop it. Thank you very much.

I’m not a doctor so I could be wrong, but that might be an allergic reaction or adverse interaction with other medications/OTC drugs/supplements. hope everything goes well, glad you’re safe. <3

It may be an allergic reaction; as I wasn’t really taking any otc drugs; except Claritin d when I remembered it. I believe I was taking lithium and Buspar. I have stopped all the drugs. Buspar was putting me in some kind of fog. Seroquel had done that for me; which why I was switched from Seroquel to Invega. I have been on Lithium for maybe over twenty years and I have been trying to get off of it since December; as I think it is just lost its goodness for me. I have had allergic reaction to medications before. I am allergic to penicillin. The only medications I have taken today are allegra-d for allergies and Tylenol for a headache that came on later this morning. So, you may be on to something. I am seeing the pdoc on Monday afternoon. Maybe, I am very sensitive to medication and have an allergic system to this type of stuff. I don’t know what medications I should risk taking now. I really appreciate your input. Thank you very much.

Just before i fall asleep i sometimes snore and wake up. Cpuld it be this?